20/20: What are some features that set the evil eye sport eyewear collection apart from its competitors?
Susanna Kumpfmueller: evil eye has been setting the benchmark in premium sport eyewear since the brand’s European debut in 2019. New to the U.S. market, evil eye is unique in that the brand is backed by nearly 60 years of expertise from our parent company, the Silhouette Group, which has a 25-year production history in the sport eyewear segment. Unlike other sport eyewear brands, all evil eye models are developed and precision manufactured in Austria, with prescription lenses produced in house for individual visual acuity.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the PPX material that is used to make these frames?
evil eye’s patented PPX® frame material is ultralight, hypoallergenic and extremely durable yet also elastic. This unique material delivers flexibility and strength—ideal for performance—while remaining lightweight for ease of wear and comfortability.

What are the different lens options that are available for the models found in the evil eye collection?
evil eye offers prescription lenses for all sport eyewear models, using either direct in-frame glazing, an adapter or clip-in. With in-house production for frames and prescription lenses at the Silhouette Group Lens Lab at the company headquarters in Linz, Austria, evil eye is able to meet the highest quality standards and uncompromising quality assurance.

evil eye’s innovative Light Stabilizing Technology (LST™) filter optimizes light to a pleasant level with enhanced contrasts and harmonized rapid fluctuations to provide clear vision in all lighting conditions.

Additionally, evil eye’s self-tinting VARiO lenses adapt automatically and smoothly to changing light and weather conditions, making them the perfect addition to our sport eyewear models.

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