Can you feel that shift in the air? The weather is getting warmer, and another summer is on the horizon. Around this time every year, I always get an extra pep in my step. New York City comes alive on the first Saturday of the year when it reaches the perfect temperature. People are out playing pickle ball, lounging in Central Park and sipping Aperol spritzes while outdoor dining on the city streets. It is the days in between cooler spring weather and the blazing heat waves that August brings—my favorite time of the year.

Summer also comes with its many welcomed changes. I spend my weekends at my parents’ beach house instead of the hot city. Subway and yellow cab rides are traded for trips home on the ferry. Days off are spent riding my bike down the boardwalk listening to the sound of waves crashing instead of honking car horns and blaring sirens. I switch out my winter “uniform” of dark jeans and a rotating wardrobe of black tops for light neutrals and airy white linens. My boots and sneakers are swapped out for sandals. The one thing that doesn’t change? My sunwear. That stays consistent.

Here at 20/20, we are firm believers that sunwear should be worn year round. While many people are using this time to buy a new pair specifically for summer, I am constantly collecting new frames throughout the year. For me, sunglasses aren’t just another accessory—they are THE accessory no matter the season. If I am wearing a white linen button down and shorts, I am pairing the outfit with a deep green sunglass in a funky shape to stand out. My dark winter outfits are elevated with an array of feminine CatEye styles or frames with gold metal accents.

Sunwear is more than a summertime necessity. In the upcoming days when sunglass sales increase, we urge you to dispel the common misconception that sunglasses aren’t needed during cooler weather and promote the benefits of sunwear year round. While I am on my soapbox, I also think it is vital to remind patients that their children need sunglasses too. I have noticed a huge shift in the assortment made specifically for kids over the past five years. The style factor has amplified for tiny fashionistas, and the adorable array of “mini-me” styles to match dad or mom has also increased. Be on the lookout for our KidzBiz supplement out next month, for an in-depth look at all of these new sunwear styles.

As the days continue to get longer, and you dig through your tried and true collection of bathing suits, beach bags and hats, I implore you to try on new sunglass options for both the protection and summer style upgrade you have been searching for.

Jillian Urcelay
Feature Editor
[email protected]