Still life photographed by NED MATURA

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It’s a state of mind.

A stance you need to take, realizing your focus is on all aspects of those looking to you on their quest for better vision. That quest is so often in the realm of the “sport” in their lives be it extremes from hard-core participation to quieter leisure pursuits.

It’s about their actions and their interactions.

There are specs for that and… THAT is Sportitude. Attitude and Fortitude. This is about eyewear for the arena. Eyewear for the golf course. Eyewear for the playing field and eyewear that can be challenged no matter the condition. Sport Eyewear is no longer just some niche worth side glances with vague interests.

This is eyewear you need to understand. Eyewear you need to preach and teach. You need to know the best options. You need to come to terms with the finest details of performance and tech specifications. And you as an eyecare and eyewear pro need to become the main source sought.

And let’s not forget what fashion brands learned long ago…

Sport and Sport Eyewear are inspirational.

And your Sportitude is equally so.

Get to it as you review the team selected here for your perusal.

–James J. Spina