By Jillian Urcelay


Many Independent brands create special collaborations with other high-end accessory and jewelry brands to create limited-edition styles. Stock up on these unique frames for customers searching for an exclusive product.


Take a look at any Independent Eyewear frame, and you will find an array of intricate design details. From subtle lens treatments, specialized nosepads, laser-engraved etchings and hand-placed crystals, there is always a new detail to find.


Sunwear is readily available via channels outside the optical realm, but eyecare professionals will always have a competitive edge over department stores and online retailers. Play up your ability to make sunglasses Rxable and customizable. Here’s your chance to shine and stand apart from competitors with your professional knowledge and service.


Multiple sunwear pairs are a must for different outdoor activities, especially with many of us spending more time outside than ever. Recommend sport sunwear for those with active needs. For more leisurely outside activities, lifestyle sunglasses are perfect for outdoor dining, laying on the beach or walks in the park.