By Jillian Urcelay


Customers are searching for a frame that will give them peak performance at all times. Focus on the high-tech properties of sport sun lenses including color-enhancing technologies, impact protection, interchangeable options, polarization for glare and sun protection, and oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings that repel dust, oil and water.


When considering sport eyewear, don’t forget optical Rx collections from the active brands you trust that deliver the same technology and features found in their sunwear.


Optimal comfort is a key component when selling sport eyewear. Explain the importance of lightweight materials, anti-fog designs, vented or non-slip nosepads and grippable temples. These features will provide your customer with a secure and reliable frame option.


When it comes to sport eyewear, bright and bold colors reign supreme. Vibrant blues, greens, purples and reds find their way onto performance frames and are often paired with various tints and polarized options to suit specific outdoor activities under different light conditions.