By Jillian Urcelay


Translucent optical frames in light shades of blue, purple and pink are trending for women. These colors offer her a subtle yet striking way of adding more color into her wardrobe.


Make it a double by showing her your sunglasses that can be Rxed. While she’s deciding on an optical frame, explain the convenience of having both at her disposal, and you can easily double the sale.


For some women, the bolder, the better. Pops of color, oversized frames, eye-catching patterns and a variety of materials should all be available in your dispensary. Women know that eyewear can make or break an outfit and will look for frames that stand out. In this case, less isn’t more.


Distinct geometric shapes in both sunwear and optical frames offer women an accessory that will stand out. Angular styles, hexagonal shapes, sharp corners and flat bottom frame fronts all have that unique touch she will love.