By Jillian Urcelay


Green is definitely making its way on the fashion scene this season. We are seeing a huge trend toward shades of sage, hunter and forest green for both men’s and women’s styles in sunwear and optical frames.


Style trends from previous decades always find their way back and resurge in eyewear. Gen Z are currently channeling retro ’90s and early ’00s vibes with narrow rectangular sunwear styles in bright poppy colors for that updated edge.


Chunky acetates continue to have their moment in optical. Paired with bold colors, unusual shapes or a matte coating, make a statement with your acetate frame this season.


When it comes to choosing a colorway, tortoise frames still take the top spot in eyewear. Whether it’s a classic brown print or an updated colorful version filled with muted blues, greens or grays, be sure to have various tortoise options available in your dispensary.