Photographed by Neil Francis Dawson

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Garden Party

No one could possibly resist this head-turning invitation to deck the halls of Expo with a flowered fantasy.

DELICIEUSE from Lafont


The master of this now dominating eyewear style trend plays in wild abandon with proportions and balance.

MOORE from Blake Kuwahara Eyewear

The Evolving SHAPE of… CARRERA

If anyone is best able to reshape a Carrera shape for the future, it’s… CARRERA.

CARRERA 1021/S from Safilo

Simple GEOMETRY Lesson

A hex at its minimalist best.

SILHOUETTE 8712 from Silhouette


Such a refreshing flip on the usual interpretation of semi-rimless.

DKNY 1001 from Marchon Eyewear

BROWED to Know Your

Season that crystal with some pepper-like detailing and top it up with some upper brow dressing. Deft is in the DARE to be adventurous.

WHIM The Pauper from Todd Rogers Eyewear

A Glass of ROSÈ

Modo presents the most wonderful (rose-tinted) way of looking at the world.

DEREK LAM Vivien from Modo

KIRK at Work

There’s the hot eyewear hue of blue, and then there’s the incomparable BLUE of the dynamic Kirk duo.

BERT from Kirk & Kirk


… And so worthy of the paparazzi’s full attention.

BURBERRY 4283 from Luxottica


Subtle but suitable as Randolph tinkers with the usual standard of aviator design via smart metal blocking.

LENNOX from Randolph Engineering