SIGNET ARMORLITE, the exclusive provider of Kodak Lenses, has launched Kodak Lens Smiles, a new two year program for independent eyecare providers to increase their practice revenues.

“Kodak Lens Smiles is a program exclusively for independent ECPs to deliver a personal, professional and memorable experience to their patients buying Kodak progressive lenses,” Samar Shamieh, Signet Armorlite’s senior marketing manager, notes. Signet Armorlite will support these efforts by offering practices its full suite of tools that provide incredible value to practices. Practices signing up to receive all the tools offered in the Kodak Lens Smiles program can receive benefits valued up to $15,000.

One of the Kodak Lens Smiles’ newest benefits is the managed vision care consulting sessions between ECPs and Kodak Lens brand consultants. “This new consulting service will look at the practice’s actual numbers to demonstrate how prescribing the right progressive lenses with various managed care providers can effect practice profitability,” Shamieh says. “We are thrilled to be able to offer this service through our Smiles program.”

In addition, two new patient interaction tools in the program are designed to increase patient satisfaction, according to the company. They include the Total Blue Lens Light Measuring Unit and Kodak Lens Vision Studio App.

The Total Blue Lens Light Measuring Unit measures and compares two lenses side-by-side for UV and blue light filtration with results recorded on an Android tablet that is included as part of the unit.

The Kodak Lens Vision Studio is a multifunction dispensing app designed to support patients through the dispensing process. This iOS app takes point-of-wear measurements, provides easy frame comparisons, eyewear lifestyle recommendations and digital lens technology demonstrations.

Kodak Lens Smiles requires a two-year agreement. ECPs committing to an average of 30 pairs per month incremental sales growth of Kodak progressive lenses will join the Ultra Tier and receive all dispensing tools, consulting services, product training and traffic-building tools available, the announcement notes. A Premier and Basic Tier also are available.

Participating ECPs will receive a Kodak Instant Print Camera and film to photograph patients wearing their Kodak lenses for the first time. These photos can become marketing tools both in-office and on social media. ECPs will also receive a monthly supply of Kodak Lens branded gift bags for each patient. ECPs in the Smiles program must register for PracticePlus, which will earn their practice rebates up to $15 per pair on Kodak progressive lenses redeemed. For more information on PracticePlus, visit the website. For more information on Kodak Lens Smiles, ECPs can contact their Kodak lens brand consultant or call (800) 830-3995.

–Andrew Karp