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No backseat for sunglasses this season… Behold Bold.

LONGCHAMP 709S from Marchon Eyewear

Peak Peek

Shaping a simple and minimalistic frame is an art and a craft. Missive accomplished.

ALAN J 512 from Europa Eyewear

Pearl of Wisdom

Likely the most clever and creative use of a pearl in ions.

CAROLINA HERRERA 0002/S from Safilo

Bestest at Tiffany’s

Turn the glam factor to max with this intense blast of emboldened and beyond emblematic blue.

TIFFANY & CO. 4183 from Luxottica

Sacre Blue

Lafont maintains its power as eyewear’s color master.

JUILLET from Lafont

Winning Combination

Making color matches takes deft skills and artistic mastery. This is a spectacular exhibition of that talent. This duo of colorations does that with shocking perfection.

MODO 471 from Modo

Stun Shield

Putting a best face far forward, this ginormous sunglass statement is at once brash yet full of class.

FUTURA DOT 9912 from Silhouette

It’s Elong Story

Stretch your imagination to a wide world of classic tortoise glamour from a most welcomed eyewear newcomer with a host of fresh insights in sight.

MAEVE from Denon Eyewear

The Ivory of It All

It’s definitely the luxury tone of the season.

CHOPARD SCH319 from De Rigo Rem

Metal in a Metal

Frame in a frame comes to a brilliantly new presence with this metallic silver/blue hue.

RED ROSE Potenza from OGI Eyewear

Confidence with a commitment to style is key for women in this new season.
The colors are dramatic and set on a new path of super even when subtle.
Glamour is paramount.
Sizing sizzles with a boldness not seen in the most recent past.
Shy away from anything shy.
Sunwear is fueling eyewear.
And eyewear is taking brash notes from sun specs.
The energy is refreshing.
This is a time to dare and ditch the doom.
Women know that Onward is the way to go.

–James J. Spina