SHAMIR’s Glacier product line, launched February 2022, is now available through Luzerne Optical, a leading independent wholesale lab located in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

“Luzerne Optical has had a strong longtime relationship with Shamir and is a great believer in the quality, technology and benefits of their products,” says Luzerne Optical co-owner John Dougherty. The Glacier line consists of two products:

  • Glacier Plus, a powerful glare-reducing AR coating that repels water, dust, smudges and is easier to clean than previous formulations.
  • Glacier Expression, a unique AR coating that offers high quality, scratch resistance and reduces up to 70 percent more reflection than leading AR coatings. Wearers will be able to see more clearly and experience minimal distraction resulting from glare produced by light, digital devices and other visual background noise, according to Shamir.

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–Andrew Karp