Ahead of SHAMIR’s launch of Glacier Plus Metaform this month, the lensmaker and the Alpine Formula 1 team took to the racetrack to promote the unique new lens technology. Shamir Glacier Plus Metaform will enable the production of new revolutionary lens–enhancing AR properties through a unique manufacturing process that will soon be available on 1.74. Glacier Plus Metaform lenses are up to 20 percent thinner and lighter than regular minus lenses and up to 18 times stronger than the standard FDA requirements, Shamir noted.

In late summer, Shamir brought two mobile units to the racetrack at Zanvoort, Netherlands. One is a mobile refraction unit where the Shamir team performed eye exams for members of the Alpine F1 Team. Based on the needs of each person and their role (mechanics, engineers and others) Shamir selected the solution and design most adapted to their needs within its line of top performance products.

The second mobile unit is a fully operational lab which can produce lenses with Metaform technology. This mobile lab was located a few kilometers away from the circuit and received orders directly from the mobile refraction team. Full optical equipment was produced to match each person’s prescription and needs and delivered to Alpine F1 Team in a few hours. This is the first ever vision performance lab in Formula 1, providing high performance ophthalmic assessment for Alpine F1 Team and Alpine Academy drivers as well as the pit crew, pit wall and personnel at Alpine F1 Team’s bases in Enstone and Viry-Ch√Ętillon, according to Shamir.

–Andrew Karp