Readers of 20/20 likely know of my passion for the printed word in general and magazines in particular. I hope you enjoy the read, look and feel of this copy of 20/20 magazine as much as I do.

But allow me a virtual breath here extolling the attributes of an ever-increasing wave of digital 20/20 missives created and fine-tuned over the years and most currently energized in the altered work reality of the current pandemic.

Let me make this as simple as possible by listing these digital e-blasts and urging you to give them a look. They encapsulate the printed magazine missive, extend the reach of what we do here, enhance the already detailed facets of our website and add to the communications of our printed matter by offering exclusive information and visuals.

Every week we offer the e-blasts Peek, Speculating, New Products, SocialEYES and Online Optical Events. Twice monthly there are digital RxPertise initiatives focusing on the editorial content represented in 20/20’s Lenses and Technology. There are also newly developed Pro to Pro digital editions and ongoing outreach for readers interested in taking part in both present and past Continuing Education courses. All of this current crop of e-blasts and digital newsletters deliver the print facets of what we do and also enhance that proud stance with exclusive online content. And as you work your way through this growing menu of content, you will note live videos and digitally exclusive interviews from all of our editors including Andrew Karp, Christine Yeh, Victoria Garcia and Jillian Urcelay.

If you believe you are not on our e-mail list for any of these e-blasts, reach out at in order to explore the opportunity of being connected.

I would also urge you to explore the growing (and commanding!) presence of 2020mag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And also keep in mind that the 20/20 website is rich in every aspect of our communications front and a prime source for accessing the digital edition of 20/20 magazine (which ALSO gets delivered to readers via its own e-blast every month).

Believe me when I say it’s a ton to keep up with, but it is also a wealth of prime information, education and just plain terrific news and product info focused on what you need to be a star in the optical arena.

Questions? Shoot them to me at my e-mail, although I might need to go for answers to our incredibly talented Senior Web Designer Julie Zidel, whose hand is in “virtually” every aspect of what I’ve detailed here.

James J. Spina
[email protected]