Jillian Urcelay: How would you describe styles in DB4K React’s most recent release?
Scott Shapiro: React takes everything great about DB4K—wearable shapes, colors kids love and expert sizing—and builds on it. The debut collection features nine styles, including an upcoming baby model, made from strong and flexible Pebax Rnew—an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic material made from castor beans. Like all DB4K frames, React styles are sized for kids and tweens from all dimensions, they aren’t just smaller adult styles. Each frame features a signature flexible crinkle hinge designed to stand up to kids’ play.

Why do you believe retailers and parents should trust DB4K frames for their children?
We’ve built DB4K into a trusted name in kids’ eyewear by offering excellent quality and an industry-leading three-year warranty. We also offer a KidProof warranty program retailers can enroll in to pass on added peace of mind to parents. KidProof replaces frames damaged or even lost by kids, no questions asked.

With React we wanted to make sure to deliver a flexible frame that is not only a product parents and kids can be excited about, but that opticians can have confidence dispensing. That’s why we spent years developing this product with a specialized material that can be heated for lens insertions and adjustments, and a fused hinge that’s engineered for flexibility and strength. No cold inserts with React!

What advice do you have for retailers working with children?
Keep it fun! Just like with adults, eyewear can either be a necessary medical device, or an opportunity to add a fun accessory to someone's look—and that distinction starts in your office. It's even more important with kids, because this could be their first exposure to eyewear, and this experience may determine how they think about eyewear and their own self-image, for years to come.

Make things easier on yourself by keeping your boards stocked with frames all kinds of kids will gravitate toward. Not every boy is a superhero, and not every girl wants to be a princess. With DB4K, we give kids more nuanced ways to express themselves, and I think that’s something kids really respond to.

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