Jillian Urcelay: What technology and design details can we see on new releases in the Momentum Aurum Full-rim collection?
Roland Keplinger: The Momentum Aurum full-rim collection combines an innovative bionic laser finish with a high-gloss, hand-polished metal surface plated with 23-carat gold—a unique layering technique that exudes modern luxury. The result is a striking, precision wood grain or luxurious natural horn aesthetic, reminiscent of designs seen in high-end yachts or sports cars.

What other launches can Silhouette fans look forward to in the new year?
For January, Silhouette is launching several eye-catching new optical collections. As the pioneer of rimless eyewear, we’re excited to introduce The Wave—a trend-defining rimless collection with contemporary shapes, vibrant frame colors and an offering of colorful tinted lenses, perfect for trend-conscious consumers who want to create their own customized look.

We’re also launching Pure Wave—a versatile full-rim collection that truly has something for every personality and style preference with its wide range of classic and modern shapes offered in a fresh color palette. The collection is crafted from our ultra-durable yet extremely light SPX+ material, which delivers a perfect, flexible fit for all day wearing comfort.

Finally, what do you believe sets Silhouette apart from its competitors?
We are always pushing the envelope in terms of design and cutting-edge production techniques, expanding our assortment to meet the demands of consumers while remaining true to our clear, minimalistic design language that Silhouette is known for. We are very fortunate to have a family owned and operated production facility at our HQ in Austria, and to have robust proprietary materials—such as SPX+—which allow for unique design and color applications. We pull design influences from modern-classic furniture, lighting and art, creating timeless eyewear that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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