Photographed by Matt Lambros/Black Box Studios
Prologue Vision presents the TC Charton Asian Fit Eyewear collection. Created by Alexandra Charton, the collection, which includes both ophthalmic styles and sunglasses, is ergonomically designed with Asian-Americans in mind and targeted specifically to those who wish to be current, but refuse to be victims of mass fashion. Every shape, detail and color were designed to complement the distinctiveness of Asian features and skin tones, capturing the balance between memorable styles and optimum functionality.

“The majority of eyewear products available today were designed to fit Caucasian features, which are different from those of Asian facial characteristics—many Asians have higher cheekbones and lower nose bridges. I know firsthand what a daunting experience one must go through to find eyewear that fits properly,” says Alexandra Charton, designer of TC Charton. “Eyewear is an important accessory, but it’s still a medical device and the way the frame fits goes far beyond aesthetics, relating directly to how well one can see. This collection was created specifically to suit the style and functional needs of Asian-Americans of all ages. My goal is to reach as many people as possible. For me this collection is a passionate pursuit, not an afterthought.”

Merchandising materials include a five-place mirrored display and posters in various sizes. Frames and sunglasses come packaged in a box with a magnetic closure hard case and microfiber cleaning cloth.


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Alexandra Charton has more than 16 years of extensive optical experience with many leading European eyewear brands. From overseeing designs to manufacturing, she has in-depth technical knowledge. She worked for nearly two years on developing the TC Charton collection.