Damian Lillard with Oakley’s Fabrizio Uguzzoni and Corey Hill

Enhancing athletes’ sport performance is central to OAKLEY's mission but supporting social causes close to its athletes’ hearts is also vital to the brand. In celebration of Oakley’s recent contribution to RESPECT, a special high school program founded by Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard, president of Luxottica Wholesale Americas Fabrizio Uguzzoni and senior director of Oakley Global Sports Marketing Corey Hill met with the NBA All-Star and Team Oakley athlete at Parkrose High School in Portland for a special presentation.

RESPECT supports the next generation of high school students by challenging them to achieve a solid education and stay in school, and encouraging them to show up, work hard and be kind. In partnership with Lillard, Oakley’s contribution to RESPECT solidifies Oakley’s legacy in basketball and supporting youths who will help shape the future. “Dame is an inspiration in so many ways on and off the court,” says Uguzzoni. “He’s a true mentor for the younger generation, and as a brand, we’ll continue to celebrate athletes like Dame by giving back to the local communities that share the love of sport.”

In addition to its contribution, Oakley surprised Lillard with one-of-a-kind eyewear to commemorate the occasion. The custom eyewear is a unique design of Oakley’s iconic Eye Jacket Redux frame that includes red and gold designs with exclusive etching of the RESPECT logo. Kudos to Oakley and Lillard—this partnership is one that certainly earns OUR respect.

–Christine Yeh