Jillian Urcelay: What luxurious design details can customers expect from Barton Perreira’s Rimless collection?
Patty Perreira: I designed the Rimless Collection in a range of modern silhouettes complemented with sculptural 24 karat gold plated hardware complemented by a collection of both rich, classic and vibrant colors. I wanted the collection to evoke luxury with a free-spirited style.

Where did you draw inspiration from for these new styles?
I have always wanted to design a rimless collection that pushed the boundaries in shape, color and materials. I drew inspiration from many places, but I kept returning to early 20th-century fashion and styling for this collection. From color to construction, I felt that this era influenced these designs, and held true to our brand mantra of creating luxurious products that will stand the test of time.

Where do you see the optical and sunwear markets moving toward in terms of design within the next few years?
I anticipate upcoming advancements in the use of lightweight materials that prioritize comfort while still offering fashion. Our dedication to embracing the idea of quiet luxury, focusing on investing in enduring high-quality items with timeless appeal which has been a fundamental aspect of our brand’s design ethos from inception, will continue in the upcoming years and beyond.

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