Photographed by MARK BABUSHKIN; Still photography by NED MATURA

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Our Eyewear. Their Eyewear.

Be it designer branded such as YSL or optical heritage as with Teka, 20/20 has it covered. Enjoy the feast as only YOU truly know how to deliver it.

From Left: YVES SAINT LAURENT 6362 from Sàfilo USA; TEKA 409 from Teka Eyewear

Eye Dare You

Red: Trending in eyewear for sure. Tortoise: ALWAYS in view. Together!? You better and best believe it. Eye’m sure and putting a star on that.

MICHAEL STARS Accomplished from Signature Eyewear

What’s White Now

This color trend in eyewear is HOT. WHITE HOT. And this is only the beginning. Get ready. Right now. WHITE NOW.

LEISURE SOCIETY BY SHANE BAUM Stanford from Baum Vision (on her)
ESSENTIAL 1699 from ProDesign Denmark (on him)

Left: From top: HELIUM PARIS 4194 from Match Eyewear; TITAN ELEMENTS 4236 from Silhouette Optical
Right: From top: ROBERTO CAVALLI Kaukura 694 from Marcolin USA; MARC ECKO CUT & SEW Snake Eyes from ClearVision Optical; ORIGINAL PENGUIN “The Montgomery” from Kenmark Group

From top: NICOLE MILLER Greene from L’Amy America; WILLIAM RAST 1043 from Viva International Group; JONES NEW YORK 745 from Rem Eyewear; TRUE RELIGION Becky from Revolution Eyewear; BEBE Demure Vixen BB5042 from Altair Eyewear

OUR Eyewear Originator

Ogi was the original inspiration for 20/20’s renewed dedication to eyewear with a complete and self-standing dedication to frames of optical heritage. Check out this issue’s Parting Glance page to reference the SPECtacular 20/20 March 15, 2012 issue of What’s Brand New featuring Ogi originating.

HERITAGE 3504 from Ogi Eyewear

Hissss… Hisssstoric

Did someone just hint that snakeskin prints are ready to strike eyewear and ALL accessories? Lafont says it here so everyone should listen up as this trend makes a big attack on style everywhere.

INSOLITE from Lafont

From top: SANFORD HUTTON Millie C970 from Colors in Optics; ROBERT MARC 289 from Robert Marc

From top: CINZIA 5009 from Cinzia Designs for Europa International; KOALI 7054K from Morel; KLIIK DENMARK 473 from WestGroupe

Calvin Cool Age

This particular frame shape and style harks back to Calvin Klein’s (the man himself) favorite personal frame style. Make a (titanium) metal note of that.


Hi Blue Heaven

Our redheaded wonder(ful) woman is SO right in this pale blue coloration. And… she knows it. This silvery, soft take works well with any eye, hair and skin color.

COLLECTION NO.2 Elizabeth from Mykita

Eye Spy

When it comes to men’s eyewear, Spy FLIES. And… in this “case” the rethink on a classic and nearly forgotten shape is registering as retro-ACTIVE. Men have been eagerly awaiting this return.

REED SPX00108 from Spy Optic

From top: OLIVER PEOPLES OV1105 ROUND from Oliver Peoples; CLARENDON from Barton Perreira

Honey Do

As clear crystal wanes ever so slightly, softly tinted roses and honey tones pleasantly cloud the eyewear horizon with ever-so flattering facial tones.

DOLCE & GABBANA 3140 from Luxottica

Striation Nation

Tortoise has a new and powerful challenger in striated zyls, here horizontally dramatized in a series of contrasting grays, amber and crystal.


From left: TED BAKER B848 Bedford from Tura; TRU TRUSSARDI 12507 from Charmant Group