Photographed by Stephen Sullivan

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HER Eyewear/OUR Eyewear

Marchon’s global branding initiative is making a BIG statement as your new best (and true blue) friend.

MARCHONYC Downtown Mercer from Marchon Eyewear

Scholarship Award

The professorial look returns super-sized and ready for “like” reactions from a whole new school of guy face lookers.

CHANEL 3241 from Luxottica

Semi Signal

The semi-rimless style is soaring back to popularity, and it makes best style sense domained by rich, brushed metal textures.

KLIIK DENMARK 475 from WestGroupe


Deep crimson sharply fades into a large imaged tortoise. But don’t fret... The final effect is subtle yet assured. And the silver hinge treatment lends a classy, quiet detail.

SERAPHIN Harrison from Ogi Eyewear

Great of Orange Is...

Brighten up her face but keep that eyewear heritage intact with luscious Havana temples. Here is yet another way for THAT strong style partnership statement of tortoise and color this season.

VINCE CAMUTO VO027 from Colors in Optics

Exclusive Men’s Club

The brand’s heritage is a proud one, and THIS is eyewear suiting that pride. Puff out your chest. Hold your head up high. Penguin Alert.

ORIGINAL PENGUIN “The Bernard” from Kenmark Group

Madame Butterfly

Feline zyl cuts both lighten and lavish this crystalized combination of blue and tortoise. This optical two-toning is the hit of the season but Lafont makes it completely unique via a personalized shape signature endemic to the brand. No one is better at saying this is OUR way with eyewear than Lafont.

IDOLE from Lafont

Half ’n’ Half

The tortoise “blender” look hits men’s eyewear BIG TIME. Half Havana… half smokin’ hazy blue crystal. This could indeed become as iconically eyewear intense as the tradition of frame fades.

4TH DIMENSION 4671 from ProDesign Denmark

Honey Do

The golden glow of this zyl mixes deliciously with the Havana hue. These tortoise mix and matchups are the style event of the season for eyewear everywhere.

VALERIE SPENCER 9261 from New York Eye

Saddle Soars

Witness that most minimal of bridges. John Varvatos “imagines” it with a delicate, brushed gold frame combining quiet luster and ever-so-slight engraving richness.

JOHN VARVATOS 144 from Base Curve/A Luxury Division of Rem Eyewear