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President John F. Kennedy

Truman Capote

Apollo 7 Astronaut Walt Cunningham

Paul Newman

President Lyndon B. Johnson

Astronaut Neil Armstrong

Malcolm X

On the occasion of pushing our united goals into arenas ripe with positive thinking and fresh ideas, 20/20 is grateful for this opportunity to share some incredible instances of people in amazing eyewear. The tradition of the famous in American Optical Eyewear is as deep as it is forward looking.

AO under the proudly American fortitude of State Optical in Chicago took a deep look into their archives. This featured glimpse gives all of us in our opti-sphere the chance to celebrate where we were, where we are and most importantly, where we want to go in order to build on our unified focus of creating and delivering great eyewear.

Move onward by acknowledging the power and determination of these faces emboldened by pride in their specs.

This is America Facing America.

–James J. Spina