OCUCO a recognized leader in the optical software market, announced the company’s rebrand to a more contemporary, refined version of its original brand. The Dublin, Ireland-based company issued a statement saying that the move, which features an updated company logo is “an evolution that reflects the direction of the whole company which is moving from providing solely single solution applications to also providing omnichannel native systems.”

Over the last 29 years, Ocuco has developed and strategically acquired comprehensive management systems for labs, independent practices and chains. More recently, Ocuco has extended its offering with digital marketing and website services. This brand evolution illustrates the movement of the software giant into offering omnichannel native solutions, a first in the eyecare space. Leo Mac Canna, Ocuco’s CEO, explains, “This year, Ocuco will launch Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition. It will provide the optical industry with an omnichannel platform with both in-store and consumer-facing facilities. It will remove the need for independent solutions, with cumbersome integrations from different solution providers.”

From a design point of view, Ocuco has retained its name but paired back its wordmark logo to a more streamlined version. “Eyecare is constantly evolving. To signify Ocuco’s commitment to continued innovation, the primary logo is complemented by a clean, simple mark built from never-ending circles. These circles interlink and overlap illustrating the focus we, Ocuco, place on engineering excellence,” describes Liadain Murphy, head of marketing.

The traditional Ocuco orange is being maintained to signify the depth of industry commitment Ocuco has demonstrated throughout the years. In place of the company’s purple, a palette of black, white and a vibrant gradient will illustrate the power, elegance and dynamic capability of Ocuco’s solutions, the company says.

The launch of the rebrand is being rolled out globally over the coming weeks. It was seen in full for the first time this past Vision Expo East, where Ocuco provided onsite walkthroughs of their new omnichannel system to enterprise clients.

The rebranding coincides with the prelaunch of Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition for enterprise, which Ocuco describes as “the world’s first cloud-based omnichannel native system for the eyecare industry, incorporating traditional practice management capabilities with functionality such as telehealth, CRM, insurance processing, analytics and more.”

–Andrew Karp