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When is a mirror more than a mirror? When it’s Spark Mi Up, a new device that allows ECPs to take all measurements for glasses in about 60 seconds with just a few clicks, from Shamir Insight Inc. This precision instrument looks like a stylish desktop mirror, but it’s a 3D measuring tool and camera. What’s more, it’s safe, requiring no physical contact between the optician and patient. In the current world environment where patients and practitioners are concerned about hygiene protocols, a measuring system in which no instruments or devices touch the patient ensures a safer experience for all.

Spark Mi Up has a smart, compact, intuitive, and user-friendly interface for a fast and easy process that results in precision lens measurements. The turn-key setup for plug-n-play includes a laptop, mouse, and long USB cable. Synchronization between two cameras yields a high-resolution image. Real time measuring results can be adjusted along the marking process. As the technology for lens design advances seemingly daily, the importance of position of wear and frame fit for every patient is vital to providing them with optimal vision.

The device is easy to use. The patient puts on the selected frame and assumes a natural posture. The optician then positions the mirror using its adjustable arm, so the reflection of the patient’s face is centered. The device’s pupil detection accounts for the way in which the patient will normally wear the glasses. With one click, the optician takes the picture and the patient is done. Advanced image filters can capture pupils even through dark lenses and some mirrors. Measurement for sunglasses is now just as quick, easy, and accurate as for clear lenses. The image appears on the computer screen, along with immediate and accurate, automatically measured far PDs. There are no marking pens, rulers, gadgets, or other devices needed, and no direct optician-patient contact. The practitioner can finish the process immediately or save it and see the next patient.

When the ECP marks ten points on the saved image, the computer uses an advanced new algorithm to calculate mono PD, fitting height (FH), frame dimensions, distance between lenses (DBL), back vertex distance (BVD), panoramic angle (face form) and pantoscopic tilt, all in about 60 seconds for optimal prescription placement. The unit will also display alerts so the optician can make necessary changes to the order. Once completed, the information is saved as a PDF and can be edited or transferred to ordering systems.

The process is not only accurate but safe, hygienic, and timely in the new healthcare environment. Think about how close we are to patients when we measure PDs with a pupillometer. Eliminating the need for direct contact allows for appropriate distancing between patient and optician. The mirror is positioned at least 15 to 35 inches from the patient’s face, and there’s an extra-long USB cable to allow for full functionality at a distance. Clear partitions can be installed between the patient and optician without sacrificing measurement accuracy. Taking measurements with a single click reduces the time patients need to spend in the dispensary, limiting exposure for the patient and staff. Spark Mi Up comes with a cleaning cloth and spray and can be cleaned with disinfectant wipes as well. With a high-end gloss finish and design requiring little space, it is an attractive addition to any optical shop. You can now offer patients greater comfort, safety, and a hi-tech experience, while saving time and guaranteeing precision.

From a company known for development of proprietary technologies, servicing and supporting independent optical shops with a wide range of optical solutions and education, Spark Mi Up is the latest of their advanced measuring tools to assist ECPs. Shamir strives to provide the most technologically advanced personal experience to patients, too. According to Raanan Naftalovich, President, Shamir Insight, “The continual advancement of specialized solutions will require enhanced patient information. Utilizing advanced measuring devices such as the Spark Mi Up will be expected as customized free-form lenses become more the norm. Shamir has already seen the incorporation of as-worn measurements into lens designs, and as technology develops, we will see the opportunity to specialize designs based on additional parameters.” Continual innovation and dedication to research and development, while keeping patients and eyecare professionals in mind supports the company’s joint mission: Perfect vision. Personal touch.