Our optical industry continues to weather the challenges brought on by the pandemic but with each day that passes, our optimism grows as we all look forward to returning to some sort of normalcy this year. We know you share our sentiment when we emphasize how anxious we are to safely get back to previewing and trying on new eyewear, as well as seeing our industry colleagues in person again. The outlook is promising as vaccinations for COVID-19 continue to roll out across the country. However, while overall receptiveness to getting the vaccine is increasing, a lack of confidence and trust still exist among many Americans. To help combat vaccine inaccuracies with facts, WebMD has launched the WebMD COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation Center providing reliable vaccine resources and online tools to help consumers make informed decisions that are driven by science. The Center features articles and videos on topics including vaccine myths and how they originate, public health challenges and how social media plays a role in spreading misinformation.

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