One of my most favorite tasks in this editor-in-chief dream job is the actual review of eyewear and sunwear called in for our 20/20 signature photo shoots every month. I cannot even begin to describe how much I love the look and feel and experience of seeing and trying on the wonderful variety of eyewear and sunwear presented in any given issue of 20/20.

And that experience intensifies specifically in the months of September and March when we double up in issues delivered in order to cover the vast arrays of specs being offered in the traditional seasonal deliveries of new eyewear.

Sad confession time. Under duress from the extreme heat at the time of this issue’s wonderful NYC Ferry shoot, I was unable to be part of the incredible crew of Art Director Maria Cruz Lord, Fashion Editor Victoria Garcia, Feature Editor Jillian Urcelay and Executive Editor Christine Yeh. I did have a hand in the product review and an assist in the upcoming 20/20 September 15 What’s Brand New still photography, but the eyewear and sunwear in starring roles on this EyeArt riverscape shoot makes my main point that the specs on proud display are truly inspirational.

I occasionally hear mumblings and grumblings that the eyewear from bygone eras was so superior to what is available and up and coming in these modern times. I’m all for acknowledging the lore and legend of vintage eyeglasses but the eyewear I’m seeing and touching and sampling in these freshest examples quite simply rocks our opti-sphere with fantastic wallops of style, tech, shape, color and daring forays into both the heritage and the future of dramatic and yet extremely wearable specs.

I’ve seen some unbelievable recent examples of older frames from the past four or five decades brought back to like-new condition, fully capable of performing the task of delivering proper vision. But I’m not budging on expounding on the virtues of the brand new eyewear we here at 20/20 get to experience each month. The eyewear at hand and on face here in this issue and on into 20/20’s upcoming 50th anniversary is every bit as exciting AND functional as any glasses from this opti-sphere’s venerated past.

You can certainly be proud witness yourself as an eyecare pro knowing what you carefully choose and dispense is, in fact, the ultimate accessory when it comes to the best in eyecare health AND stylish eye and face enhancement. Love this EyeArt with your full heart and soul. I certainly do.


James J. Spina
[email protected]