Jillian Urcelay: What design details can we see in the new ELLE Biodegradable Acetate collection?
Michele Ziss: In the new ELLE Biodegradable Acetate collection, the design details include a lightweight material that provides the flexibility and durability of traditional acetate. The spring hinge temples add extra comfort. Also, the soft transparent colors keeping within 2023 trend (Luscious Red, Sundial and Tranquil Blue) as well as fashionable “Tokyo Tortoise” are available.

How and what are these sustainable styles created from?
The biodegradable acetate is made of cotton seeds and wood pulp. Biodegradable acetate is designed to decompose and degrade in nature, resulting in less waste. Responsible processing requires significant and ongoing cleaning of facilities or separate production lines, storage and management of bio-acetates, to ensure end-product can pass all testing. Biodegradable acetate offers production processes that handle acetate without risk of phthalate contamination.

Does Charmant USA have plans to create more collections from sustainable materials in the near future?
Yes, Charmant USA does plan to continue creating more collections from sustainable materials in the near future. Eddie Bauer models are made of biobased plastic. We will also introduce additional biodegradable acetate models in spring 2023 in both our Esprit and Eddie Bauer collections.

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