On the verge of celebrating its 100th anniversary, Art Craft sent 20/20 a timely tease noting their long-standing heritage of crafting eyewear made in America. With the intention of heralding this proud tradition in a number of ways throughout 2018, we thought it noteworthy to take a peek at a bit of their “metal” work in their U.S. factory. Stay tuned for more than a few updates on their current eyewear products in finished form on the pages of 20/20, and in case you’d like to get in touch with them acknowledging their long-standing reputation or even set up a bit of a biz deal connect at csd@artcraftoptical.com or give VP Charlie Eagle a call: (800) 828-8288. Blatant promoting? Yep. Consider it part of 20/20’s ongoing pledge of Independents.

–James J. Spina

We’re on it. America is making quite a STATEment when it comes to the actual production side of delivering frames, and it’s no secret that State Optical is leading the charge as their Chicago-based factory crafts slabs of Mazzucchelli zyl into a final form and fit standing head to head and eye to eye with the finest frames in the world. Our April “State of the Art” story took an insider look at the people and the process of this great purpose and product.