Jillian Urcelay: What was the inspiration behind Ray-Ban’s new Colorblock Collection and what special features can be seen?
Marie DiPalma: The Colorblock Collection was influenced by the idea of diving into summer and festival season with carefree confidence. The translucent bold toned acetate and lens combinations seen throughout the collection draw inspiration from fluid forms and glowing hues of digital art for a bold, refreshing and brighter take on the original Wayfarer. To further encourage customers to live in the moment, each frame is paired with a matching cord, which is designed to give wearers freedom to take the frames on all their summer adventures without worry, easily transitioning from outdoors to indoors. Summer festival season is a key target for Ray-Ban Colorblock, and we are proud to have a brand presence and spotlight the collection at music festivals around the globe this year. The Colorblock collection was developed for these celebratory cultural moments, providing consumers with a refreshed iconic style that seamlessly pairs form and function.

What premium lens options are offered in this collection and can you describe how they work?
The Colorblock collection is available with Ray-Ban’s state-of-the-art Chromance lenses with contrast enhancement and a polarizing filter that improves clarity and elevates colors.

How would you describe the campaign that accompanies this summer release?
The campaign merges lively illustrations with photography to mirror the vivacity and vibrancy of the Colorblock collection. These visuals were designed by Donna Adi, a talented artist and creative director from Los Angeles. She was able to take the classic Wayfarer’s identity as a symbol of youth culture since the 1960s and bring it into 2022 with a new energy focused on summer and festival season, which speaks to the Millennial and Gen Z consumer.

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