Still Life photographed by NED MATURA

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Increasingly, sunwear impacts the look of Rx frames. Armani tunes in, covering that formula.

ARMANI EXCHANGE 3090 from EssilorLuxottica

Color Maestro

Expect the peak of coloration from the absolute sultans of rainbowing.

LESSON from Lafont

It’s a Family Affair

Note skills and talent at the max with men’s style keynotes of double bridging and hearty Havana bravado.

COCO AND BREEZY Victory from ESE International

Men in Black

It takes a big kick to push classic black to a leadership position. Bet on Beckham.


Skull Doggery

Flat the black and raise the skull and bones, as this style pirate invades the island where small can still be bold.

PHILIPP PLEIN Plein Hexagonal College VPP055 from De Rigo Rem

Blue Suits

Keeping tortoise in mind, this ups the “State” of the art via a swirl of blue lightly tempered with titanium temples.

STATE OPTICAL Morse from Europa Eyewear

Screen Time

With its recessed frame front and a superlative gloss to its zyl, Ferragamo takes control of what it means to be truly SUNsational.

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO 1064S from Marchon Eyewear

Prepped for Conservation/Conversation

Eyewear at its ultimate sense of sustainability with style.

ECO Sycamore from Modo

From top: DIOR DiorBlackSuit from Thelios; C-ZONE 3228 from SD Eyes; BOUMA from l.a.Eyeworks; CALVIN KLEIN JEANS 22647 from Altair Eyewear

LIFE IS GOOD Saben from The McGee Group

From top: EVATIK 9241 from WestGroupe; LIAM from ic! berlin; SILHOUETTE 2950 from Silhouette

Men’s eyewear is powerful in impact on all arenas of frame style and substance. As the choice of colors has evolved, so too has the criteria of sizing. Blue has escalated into that classic realm once dominated by black and tortoise. And dramatic bold shapes and sizes are now co-existing with a renewed surge toward minimal and svelte sizing. The domain of sunwear defaults to that mainstay of classic aviator and double bridge formations shared equally and assertively by optical eyeglasses. Guys seem to get it. But… so does everyone… as men’s eyewear exclaims, “Man, O Man!”

–James J. Spina