20/20 INSIGHT: Men’s eyewear shines this month with strong silhouettes, unique colorways and meticulous detailing. Prepare to be impressed with our selections for him, and let his eyewear make a statement all season long.

–Jillian Urcelay


SKAGA 2160 Bruksvallarna    Marchon Eyewear

This lightweight style features ultra-thin temples, a unique hinge design and a squared front with acetate eye rims available in colorblock, solid and transparent interpretations in tone with the temple tips.

Pricing: $$$$$

(800) 645-1300

KLIIK DENMARK 747    WestGroupe  

Distinguishing itself with bold chunky Mazzuchelli acetate, this optical frame features beveling across the eye rim and a step-down bridge for a nostalgic feel.

Pricing: $$$

(855) 455-0042

JAGUAR 33124
  ESE International  

Designed for men needing a larger fit, this refined frame offers a classic shape with a 60 mm eye and 150 mm temples, and is detailed with a lasered pattern on the temples inspired by the cars’ tire tracking.

Pricing: $$$$$

(800) 645-3710

MOREL 30336L    Morel

Fusing a minimalist construction with cutting-edge aesthetics, this semi-rimless style features a stainless steel front, a dual hook at the hinge for a comfortable fit and acetate temples designed with a dotted line pattern.

Pricing: $$$$

(800) 526-8838


Featuring a rectangular frame front, this modern style for men complements a variety of face shapes and is available in black crystal, brown, navy and violet.

Pricing: $$

(800) 423-5175