Photographed by NED MATURA

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LENA from Lafont

ECO OCEAN Storm from Modo

STELLA MCCARTNEY SC40034I from Thelios

PHILIPP PLEIN Plein Passion VPP016 from De Rigo Rem

COCO SONG Sweet Mama from Poets Eyewear

Having presented a double eyewear feature issue highlighting both Luxury Eyewear and Sustainable Eyewear, allow us this unique opportunity to recap both in this partnership disclosure using the incredible background settings as devised by master photographer Ned Matura.

Follow along as the golden settings deliver Luxury Eyewear at its best, and the intense green backdrop is implemented in delivering some of the latest styles our 20/20 partners have to offer on the current state of sustainability in frames.

Feast for yourself on two very specific and powerful categories in the story of eyewear products held in ultimate high regard here at this magazine.

–James J. Spina