Photographed by NED MATURA

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COCO SONG Supernatural Sunrise from Poets Eyewear

ECO Calluna from Modo

STELLA MCCARTNEY 40065I from Thelios



Wondering if this pairing of Sustainable Eyewear and Luxury Eyewear seems odd? Think again. Both factions might seem to hug the periphery of spec desirables in the hearts of consumers but both niches have gone through unique waves of growth and redefinition especially in these last few years.

Sustainability has gained tremendously as a viable concern in the minds of consumers no matter what the product. As eyewear comes under that same scrutiny, an eyecare pro must be armed with the answers and the details of what it takes to decrease the destructive footprint (faceprint?!) inherent to eyeglasses dependent on a complex range of metal and celluloid materials and build processes.

And as noted in this issue’s Luxury Eyewear feature, the very nature and identity of what it means to be a high-end and relatively exclusive pair of eyewear is shifting at a rapid pace to keep concurrent with the highest modern demands of the eyewear purveyor intent on finding spectacles with uniquely independent characteristics and quality of materials and craft at the max of the eyeglass spectrum.

So decide for yourself on these evolutionary and revolutionary categories. Both the conscientious and qualitative parameters are at hand. The story we so embrace here at 20/20 is yours to tell.

Our vision of the future and the eyewear we hold in high regard depends on it.

–James J. Spina