The Materials Collection, Ray-Ban’s latest eyewear line celebrating the brand’s dedication to innovation in materials, ties into the new communication campaign “Never Hide What You’re Made Of” and stars five materials: leather, denim, steel, titanium and velvet. Designed for those who want to celebrate their individuality and stand apart from the crowd, the collection fuses classic styles with a contemporary attitude for lovers of Ray-Ban yesterday, today and tomorrow. For the first time ever, the iconic Wayfarer is offered in both solid denim and leather. The denim frames are made of 100 percent ultra-resistant denim with polypropylene and acetate fused through a process that results in multilayered (four to five layers) solid denim. The leather frames are coated in calf leather by dunking the leather in water and allowing it to expand and then shrink onto the frame as it dries giving skin-tight adherence. The leather Wayfarer features polarized lenses. The Velvet Erika sunglass is an acetate frame that is screen printed using a high-quality flocking process that produces a velvet finish. The two ophthalmic frames include one made of 100 percent titanium alloy featuring the Light Ray Hinge, which allows the frames to be assembled without welding or screws, and one made of Metal Generation 2.0 steel, a thin, flat metal.


PHILOSOPHY:  “Ray-Ban has always been a brand that’s at the forefront of design, innovation and, of course, style. This year marks an incredibly exciting time for the brand with the launch of the material-inspired collection,” says Ray-Ban global brand director Sara Beneventi.

MARKETING: Pedestals and window and counter displays are available.

PRICE POINT: $$$ to $$$$$

CONTACT: For additional information, contact Luxottica, (800) 422-2020;

Each of the materials used in the new Ray-Ban Materials Collection has had a long history and strong impact on both popular culture and technology, inspiring generations of artists, designers, craftspeople and innovators. With this collection, Ray-Ban continues to push the boundaries of design, style and technology.