In celebration of Ray-Ban’s 75th anniversary, Luxottica introduces the Ray-Ban limited edition Ambermatic Collection featuring a special yellow lens that darkens depending on light and temperature. By transitioning from yellow to brown, the lens technology blocks glare and highlights shapes and silhouettes even in the snow. The collection consists of four iconic aviator styles: Classic Aviator; Classic Aviator with cable temples; Shooter with a “cigarette holder” middle circle designed to free the hands of the shooter, and a top bar and temple tips covered in mother-of-pearl; and Outdoorsman created for hunting, shooting and fishing enthusiasts, which also features a top bar and temple tips covered with mother-of-pearl.

Photographed by Black Box Studios

“People may not realize Ray-Ban originated from a military request for sunglasses for their pilots. Although the Ray-Ban aviator style was developed long ago it continues to be nurtured by the brand with new frame materials and lens technologies. The Ambermatic is a testament to that commitment to craftsmanship and technical design,” says Sara Beneventi, Ray-Ban brand director.

Ray-Ban’s new Legends ad campaign reflects the 75-year-old spirit and “Never Hide” motto of the brand. Photographed by Mark Seliger in Los Angeles, the campaign features seven historic moments spanning the ’30s to the ’90s, each inspired by a real-life iconoclastic figure. Additionally in celebration of the anniversary, Ray-Ban has introduced “Legends: Untold Stories,” a limited edition book with rare images of iconic legends and historical figures wearing Ray-Ban.

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Originally known as “Anti-Glare” by pilots for its basic function, in 1937 the company rebranded itself as “Ray-Ban” to emphasize how this new accessory could effectively block (ban) sun rays.