20/20: What are a few characteristics that sets LOOK apart from the other collections that you distribute?
Lorenzo Sfoggia: What makes the LOOK brand unique in the industry is their ability and dedication to still produce everything in house. There are very few brands that can say they produce their frames entirely from design to final assembly. This is a major asset for the brand because it means they have full control over every detail. Their commitment to sourcing the highest standard raw materials from 100 percent traceable origins is a testament to their care for details and for those who wear a LOOK frame. The brand stands out in our own portfolio of independent collections due to its broad application of those materials. While most brands focus on one or a few core materials, it’s really quite impressive how LOOK can deliver such consistency in many different product ranges. Having seen the factory myself, I can say that it’s truly impressive to see so many artisan hands expert in handling such a wide range of materials and machinery. The same hands that make the high-end MATERIKA frames are the ones also making the LOOKKINO children's frames. To me, that’s a testament to how much experience the brand has because it’s not a very standardized production at all.

Can you explain the manufacturing process behind the LOOK frames?
This is something the brand stresses a lot. Every frame design, whether for children or adults, begins with the fitting on the nose. Because if the fit is off, then everything else is irrelevant. Extending on that point, LOOK has developed some proprietary materials to maximize comfort and a lightweight feel of all its frames. Using some innovative blends of materials, the brand produces beautiful frames without sacrificing comfort, weight or durability. For example, in the high-end MATERIKA collection, they’ve been producing some incredible shapes using a liquid magnesium injection process. Using this innovative material allows them to create some bold shapes with unique 3D sculpting that is lighter and sturdier than titanium. In the LOOKKINO collection, they use a very precise “bi-injection” process to manipulate a rubber/plastic material so that it’s rigid on the outside, but soft and warm to the touch on all parts that come in contact with the child’s face. The brand’s know-how and control over every aspect of production is the reason they can do such innovative things while keeping comfort and longevity at the center of it all.

How do the four sub-collections within the LOOK brand differ from one another?
The LOOK brand is divided into four sub-collections, each with a different target demographic. Within these four collections there are many product families using different design concepts and materials. The LOOKKINO collection is the brand’s premium offering for children where safety and comfort are core to this collection as children’s needs far outpace most adults’ needs. In my (and our customers’) opinions, the LOOKKINO collection is truly the highest quality collection that’s designed specifically for children. Moving up in age there is the Look at Me collection, which serves as a bridge between children and adults. The Look at Me collection is intended for teens and petite adults so it’s more "mature" but still has lots of color and is a little less intricate than the adult collection. The LOOK collection is the core adult collection and contains many different families including colorful acetates, metals and even some very popular “sport utility” frames. Finally, the MATERIKA collection is the brand’s high-end adult collection. MATERIKA is a play on the word material and signifies the use of innovative materials. In this collection, you can find beautiful hand-painted titanium, magnesium and acetates. Another strength of the LOOK brand is its ability to produce something for the whole family.

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