It was truly a privilege that 20/20 was asked to be one of the determining judges for the first edition of the LOFTxTEF AWARDS (a collaboration between LOFT Eyewear Show and the online TEF Magazine) occasioned at the start of the LOFT Independence Party in NYC. Based on submissions from LOFT vendors, six brands vied for wins in Fashion Frames, Fashion Sunglasses, Technical Frames and Technical Sunglasses.

Online voting commenced on social media via Facebook. Those votes for each specific award tallied to a single vote then added to the votes of select press and celebrity judges.

The Fashion Frame award went to Blake Kuwahara. Theo Eyewear scored the Technical Frame win with a striking aluminum frame. Rolf Spectacles won best Technical Sunglass for their new titanium glasses. And for Fashion Sunglass, Blake Kuwahara scored another win.

Awards of this nature are such a great way to generate excitement and awareness for eyewear vendors, retailers AND consumers opening up to the fact that eyewear is, indeed, the Ultimate Accessory.

–James J. Spina