20/20: What sets ROXY apart from the other brands in your portfolio?
Liz Tontodonati: The beauty of developing an eyewear collection such as ROXY in the lifestyle sport classification for Mondottica is that it’s a complete departure from what have been staples in our brand portfolio. Classic men’s collection like Hackett London and Bespoke, and fabulously flamboyant fashion collections like Christian Lacroix have been mainstays and continue to drive the business for us. United Colors of Benetton remains our fun and flirty collection with European sensibility to colors and style, and Sandro represents cool, minimalist fashion styling. Bringing to life an eyewear collection such as ROXY, rooted in a quarter century of design heritage that strikes the balance between style, performance and femininity, gave us a chance to step outside the box and have a little fun. It also affords us the ability to expand our customer base.

What aspects of the ROXY brand can you see throughout the eyewear collection?
Distinct characteristics of the ROXY woman can be found throughout the eyewear and sun collection. Grooving through life one adventure at a time, the ROXY woman exudes confidence in her daily fashion choices and does not shy away from bold eyewear statements. You can see it reflected in strong feminine eye shapes, such as modified CatEyes and structured teacup shapes. Colorations in flowing watery pastels, soft ombre colors and earthen color neutrals are featured and complement the 2023 brand offering. Standouts in green, muted roses and soft teals are sprinkled throughout.

Can you explain more about the sustainability aspect of this collection?
ROXY is not only committed to making waves and moving mountains, but also preserving them. In solidarity with ROXY’s mission to offer sustainable, thoughtful and responsibly created products, all acetates used in the ROXY optical and sun collections are produced with ECO material. Environmentally friendly, sustainable, safe and natural, ECO acetates are a plant-based material free of traditional plasticizers normally found in acetate material. It’s bio-degradable and affords the ROXY consumer a green option when it comes to eyewear.

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