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Mike Rosenthal, Wanda McDaniels and George Katsiopoulos

Savannah Jayde and Kelli Goss of “Big Time Rush”

Jared Eng and Glenn Reisch, president of Luxury Optical Holdings

Selima Salaun, Bernard Aidan and Catherine Malandrino

Shannon Collis, Jason Eng, Jared Eng, Zelda Williams and Josh Thurston

Sometimes what seems like an exciting “eyewear-specific” incident or event takes a turn for the bigger, becoming an entity proving the overall importance of vision as a necessity of real life. The recent aura surrounding the Giorgio Armani “Frames of Your Life” campaign and its ongoing interaction with art, reportage, social networking and... real people is just such an instance. It started with the release of a frame collection steeped in Armani’s original eyewear heritage. Then came enticingly classic advertisements. Followed by powerful visuals of an interactive video project charged in the current essence of online social networking.

And now that Internet phenom has taken to the road with its on-the-street impressions touring cities globally with a personality all its own, yet dedicated to the class and cool of ordinary REAL people, albeit trendsetting real people.

Initiated in Europe, 20/20 experienced “Frames of Your Life” as eyewitnesses at Selima Optique in New York and Optica in Los Angeles. The project strutted the creativity of photographers and bloggers such as Tommy Ton and Jared Eng going head to head and face to face with their European counterparts Jackie Dixon and Eleonore Bridge, bringing the frames to life on the faces of intensely engaging people on the street portrayed in powerful art gallery manifestations.

And the whole picture comes across as a web celebration by visiting You are urged to take a look at true vision as an ongoing work of... life.  

—James J. Spina