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The genius of being able to get every single detail right is an ongoing challenge. But the book on how to get all of those attributes from shape to color exactly right continues to be written by… Lafont. This frame denotes every “spec” of that premise.

INOUIE from Lafont

What’s Your Favorite Color?

Did you say you love them all? Well, this rainbow of a frame delivers that pot of golden opportunities.

IGREEN X009 from Thema – A Family Factory

Multiple Ingredients

This is the perfect recipe for a big ’n’ bold sunglass: A structure of metal… a dash of zyl… and another dash of a complementary colored zyl that makes for a masterful meal of dramatic face art.

YALEA Ella from De Rigo Rem

Massive AttacK

No mistaking the brand, the brows, the temple and the statement that says “Eye Dare to Dior.”

CHRISTIAN DIOR DiorSignatureO N1U from Thelios

Call My Tailor

Like an impeccable suit with a perfectly turned lapel, this P3 sunglass is tailored exactly to that degree of flawless.

BOSS 1309/S from Safilo

The Morel of This Story

Multicolored speckles within the domain of eyewear’s tortoise mainstay can be quite the challenge. Morel gets that balance so right for the face, for fashion and for the infusion of style that is perfectly graceful eyewear.

KOALI 20114K from Morel

In the Thick of It

A literal syrup of thick Havana colors this spec, and the bold statement of its bridge reinforces that smooth coloration identity.

TED BAKER LONDON 001 from Tura

Six Sides

This particular shape is the power player when it comes to women’s eyewear and sunwear moving into 2022. So, let this be your Coach.

COACH 56424L from Luxottica

Art for the Face

That says it all.

SUNFISH from l.a.Eyeworks

Celebration Daze

Turning the impact up to a max of 11, this is eyewear foraging optical’s most powerful heritage when it comes to metal frames working with lenses in their loudest and proudest moment of pride. This is the sunglass that turns any guy into SuperGuy.

CHAMPION Bahjat from L’Amy America



The energy is on, and the eyewear reflects that renewed determination. Staunchly grounded in a heritage of style leadership and focused on new challenges to give everyone the bold face needed to face the future, eyewear and sunwear step up…
Ready to... Face 2022.
Dare to do the same with the specs selected here as 20/20 puts on a new class of eyeglasses.

–James J. Spina