Hoya Vision Care

Super HiVision EX3+ anti-reflective lens treatment is now available in finished single vision (FSV). The addition to the company’s extensive product portfolio will help eyecare providers improve turn time for Hoya’s most advanced AR treatment, which combines scratch resistance, durability and long-term cleanability with complete back-side UV protection. FSV Super HiVision EX3+ is available in all clear materials.

The catalyst for this innovation was a 2019 patient study conducted by Hoya in Europe and the U.S., which found that 50 percent of people expect UV protection from AR, and 60 percent are annoyed by constant lens cleaning. Another 70 percent are irritated by reflections on their lenses. Additional research consistently shows that the most critical lens features driving consumer purchase behavior are comfortable vision and scratch resistance.

“Based on the study, we know that patients expect UV protection as part of their AR treatment,” says Warren Modlin, vice president of technical marketing at Hoya Vision Care. “Meeting this need helps protect the sensitive skin around the eye and eyelids. Eyecare providers can also take advantage of the additional revenue some managed vision care providers offer for back-side UV. Patients will also continue to benefit from the best-in-class durability and cleanability properties they have come to expect from our industry-leading AR treatments.”

Features: Available in single vision and progressive designs, the Maximus performance lens design and extensive special formulations optimize clarity of vision and offer superior light management and minimized weight for ultimate comfort. The lens provides superior protection and visual performance in varying light and extreme weather conditions.

The Maximus Rx Shield is processed with customized free-form technologies that utilize rotational prism to compensate for high curvature wraparound lens designs, optimizing the visual experience for the wearer. Currently, Maximus Optic can process 85 percent of the universe of prescriptions, with continual improvements to follow.

Maximus Rx Shields and dual lenses are injected utilizing a proprietary polycarbonate formula that exceeds all ANSI and EN specifications, including high mass impact for safety/ASTM and MilSpec military/tactical applications. The Shields are produced at the Maximus X Lab, located within the new state-of-the-art Foresight Precision manufacturing facility in Tainan, Taiwan. X Lab is outfitted with the industry’s most advanced manufacturing technologies, R&D Lab, lens design capabilities and a fully customized Rx processing center. All lens development, manufacturing, coating applications and testing are accomplished within this one facility: initial CAD design, mold development, injection, coatings, tinting, Rx lens processing, lens cutting, final testing, QC and packaging. All global prescription lens shipments will be sent directly from X Lab.

Maximus Optic lenses are covered under four global patents. Additional patents, both U.S. and international, are currently pending. The Maximus Optic website is currently under development and will go live this month. The Maximus lens is now available for order.

Genesis Technologies

Durashield UV-Premium Plus has been tested by industry testing companies, by several lens manufacturers, and lens coatings and chemical manufacturers. With excellent adhesion to all lens materials including all the super high-index monomers, it is well suited for tinting and is highly compatible with AR coating, according to Genesis Technologies. The company reports that Durashield UV-Premium Plus outperforms other coatings in Bayer and tumble tests directly after UV curing and increases in performance overnight.

Features: Durashield UV-Premium Plus can be used in all UV coaters including the Ultra Optics MR 3, Mini 2, OTB, 44-R, the Coburn Simplicity and Velocity and Velocity Automated unit, the Schneider coater, EZCoat and FastCoat machines, and Satisloh coaters.; [email protected]
(817) 491-4777 or (972) 322-7110


Built on Shamir’s Spark platform, the Spark 4 lens measurement device delivers increased efficiency, accuracy and comfort for users and patients alike.

Features: Using a sophisticated electro-optic system and based on stereo vision 3D technology with six high resolution camera sensors totaling 24 megapixels in resolution, the sleekly designed Spark 4 can detect patients’ pupils clearly though sunglasses and clear lenses, as well as different coatings all while doing so in varying light conditions. With just one picture taken in a few seconds, you get an automatic measurement of the PD, then you can easily mark the points of interest to complement all the required parameters.

Spark 4’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) pupil detection processes 192 facial landmarks, resulting in extremely high levels of accuracy. Due to its AI technology, Spark 4’s auto detection abilities will improve and evolve over time, allowing new features in the future. The device offers a new seamless experience for both patient and professional. The measuring process can be completed after the patient leaves the store, allowing a quick and less invasive experience. Spark 4 is now available to new and existing Shamir customers. Existing customers have the option to trade in their current Spark unit and upgrade to Spark 4.

Essilor of America

Crizal Sapphire HR, the latest and most advanced product in Essilor’s Crizal No-Glare range, is now widely available across lab networks and through all major managed vision care providers. Crizal Sapphire HR is available with Essilor’s advanced lens designs such as Varilux progressive lenses and Eyezen enhanced single vision lenses.

Features: Building upon 30 years of Crizal innovation, this latest Crizal No-Glare lens signifies a leap forward in anti-reflective technology, according to Essilor. It surpasses all previous generations of Crizal and competing no-glare coatings, according to Essilor and replaces the previous generation, Crizal Sapphire 360 UV. For the first time in a single coating, it answers all consumer expectations for an anti-reflective coating, such as durability, easiness to clean, elimination of glare and more, without compromise and with the most advanced technologies available. Independent practices will now be able to provide wearers an invisible shield with best-in-class transparency, clarity, durability and UV protection in a single Crizal coating.

  • Newly reimagined nanoscopic layer stack in Crizal Sapphire HR unites the best Crizal technologies.
  • New High-Resistance Technology increases resistance against scratches and everyday wear and tear for enhanced lens durability.
  • 360° Multi-Angular Technology amplifies the anti-reflective effi- ciency by reducing reflections whatever the light incidence angle on both surfaces of the lens for a visually more transparent lens for both the wearer and observer.
  • High Surface Density Process reinforces resistance to smudges and water on both sides of the lens for easier and more optimal cleaning.
  • Protects eyes with high-level of UV protection in a clear lens (E-SPF35) to offer the most comprehensive daily protection against the invisible and often irreversible danger of UV reflection.

ECPs can take an online course on Leonardo to learn more about the new Crizal Sapphire HR offering and take advantage of the three-month free trial of this innovative online learning platform by EssilorLuxottica by visiting


SmartXGlasses, in collaboration with Titan and PHTL, introduces Titan EyeX, a stylish ophthalmic-quality frame featuring high-quality sound. Designed in the U.S., the low-profile and lightweight smart glasses have won two prestigious Red Dot awards.

Features: Wearers can make phone calls, listen to music and use voice assistants such as Siri, Google and Alexa completely hands-free. Open-ear audio is more convenient than wearing headphones and gives wearers the safety of hearing their surroundings. Fitness tracking, notifications, finding phone/glasses, play time and weather, camera remote snap and calendar alerts are all accessible by a swipe gesture on the temples. With high-end Qualcomm chip, these are true wireless Bluetooth glasses with long battery life. Wearers can upload their prescription to to get a high-quality lens installed.

  • High-quality open ear audio
  • Phone calls: make or receive a call, mute a call, control the volume
  • Music: start or stop music, change tracks, adjust the volume
  • Voice assistant: Siri, OK Google and Alexa
  • Notifications: play notifications from the phone
  • Fitness: count steps, miles and calories burned
  • Find glasses or phone from one to other
  • Custom touch: presentation control (PowerPoint)
  • Camera: remote snap from the glasses
  • Information: play time and weather

Titan EyeX is now available in the U.S. via with premium prescription glasses, blue-blocking lenses or sun lenses. Distributor wholesale pricing will be provided upon inquiry.

Transitions Optical

Transitions Optical has added a new frame removal feature to its virtual try-on (VTO) tool. This update from Fittingbox uses diminished reality to virtually erase frames, allowing patients to virtually try on a wide variety of frames and Transitions lenses without needing to remove their prescription eyeglasses, for an easier and more convenient shopping experience.

Features: Fittingbox’s “size guarantee” ensures that frames will fit every face to the exact dimensions using any desktop, tablet or mobile device. Eyecare professionals can encourage clients to experiment with the new Frame Removal feature on the Virtual Try-On tool in the comfort of home or while waiting for their appointment in their practice.

Consumers can use the latest frame removal feature on the virtual try-on tool to try on Transitions Signature GEN 8 and Transitions XTRActive new generation lenses in all lens colors and style mirrors. It is available at