Satisloh is introducing its fifth generation of vacuum coaters for mid-size labs, the MC-380-X-2.

Features: The MC-380-X-2 is equipped with the same sophisticated technology that the company’s large coaters have, but in a compact footprint perfect for mid-size labs. It includes a full dome with capacity extension options and a Meissner trap that has up to 30 percent increased pumping capability.

The new coater runs numerous AR and mirror coating processes as well as in-chamber tinting on mineral lenses. Because different configuration levels are available—from economy to premium as well as a wide range of substrate options from full or sector domes to flip-over systems—there’s a solution for every size lab.

The MC-380-X-2 comes pre-loaded with MES-360 Lite, complimentary software that provides daily reports for batch runs, machine utilization, door open time and top 5 errors. Upgrading to the company’s full version of MES-360 Manufacturing Execution System can be done at any time.

  • High capacity: up to 74 lenses Ø 70 mm (with ringless full dome).
  • Redesigned tool-reception interface enables easier maintenance.
  • Ultra-fast venting option combined with a new gate valve drastically reduces door-to-door processing time.
  • Double thermal sources allow evaporation of a second substance by releasing two positions in EBG pocket.
  • Rotary dry pump (optional) with 53 percent more pumping capacity allows constant pumping in time and long maintenance interval.
  • Removable heating system for vacuum chamber degassing.

Transitions Xtractive New Generation Lenses

Transitions XTRActive new generation lenses from Essilor offer additional light protection to enhance the wearer’s life in all settings and introduce a number of performance advancements.

By using extra powerful dyes and the latest matrix technology, Transitions XTRActive new generation lenses offer the following features:

  • Best extra darkness and the best extra light protection in the clear-to-extra dark photochromic category.
  • The darkest in the car—the only photochromic lens to reach category 2 level darkness in the car with visible light activation.
  • The darkest in hot temperatures—the only photochromic lens to reach category 3 levels at 95 degrees F5.

Features: Transitions XTRActive new generation includes:

  • Gray, brown and graphite green in most materials.
  • Available with a wide variety of Essilor designs including Varilux and Eyezen lenses.
  • Plastic 1.50, TREXA, Trivex 1.53, Airwear polycarbonate and Thin & Lite 1.67.
  • Compatibility with Transitions XTRActive style mirrors.

Ophthalmic Resource Partners

Ophthalmic Resources Partners, an ocular product development company founded by Dry Eye Disease (DED) specialists Doug Devries, OD, and Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO, and veteran industry executive Kevin Bligh.

SleepTite/SleepRite is designed to help patients with nighttime eyelid closure issues. Patients who experience exposure problems at night as well as exposure from partial blinking, can be recalcitrant to DED treatments and often have corresponding MGD as well. Until now there has not been a reliable method to address the problem of nighttime exposure in the recalcitrant patient.

Features: SleepTite/SleepRite allows the eyelid to remain sealed shut during sleep, allowing it to function normally to protect the cornea and conjunctiva all night long. The product is easy to apply and use, and has a porous latex free design. It is available for patients with both regular and sensitive skin types and will be sold in boxes of 30 pairs.

Briot Couture
Luneau Technology

Luneau Technology’s newest and most advanced finishing platform to date combines everything that is in the Briot Attitude with what Luneau describes as “the world’s first virtual 3D lens rendering technology.” The technology simplifies the finishing process for all optician skill levels from master optician to entry level optician, according to Luneau.

Features: Briot Couture features three innovations designed to take the production of high-quality eyewear to a new level: True Fit Beveling, Virtual 3D Lens Simulation and a Torque Management System. They allow the Briot Couture to measure frame thickness, frame depth, as well as frame groove position, to produce the perfect fit every time. Luneau recommends the Briot Couture for mid- to high-end optical shops, especially shops where customers demand the highest quality aesthetics, quality and fit.

The Briot Couture can increase in-house finishing capability and quality while reducing the rate of remakes. It is suitable for any business owner who wishes to complete more sophisticated finishing in-house and to save on their lab bills. Using various frame and lens parameters along with Virtual 3D Lens Simulation, a user can display how a lens fits into a frame before beginning the edging process. This allows the optician to confirm fit before edging. The True Fit Bevel chooses the best bevel position and bevel depth/width to fit the lens into the chosen frame with the least amount of stress on the frame and lens. The 3D Visualization allows for a 3D view of the lens fitting within the frame to determine the best lens type for the chosen frame, as well as to confirm possible stress points for the lens fitting. The Torque Management System optimizes the edging cycle time without the risk of lens slippage. With these intelligent new features, any trained staff member can offer a personalized buying experience to customers by finding the optimum lens for their frame and show them in real-time a 3D rendering of their glasses. This means optical stores can now produce premium quality eyewear with a quick turnaround, Briot says.

‘Feed Your Mind’ Educational Program for REMLens
X-Cel Specialty

X-Cel Specialty is launching “Feed Your Mind,” an educational program featuring the recently launched REMLens for overnight orthokeratology.

Features: The 45 minute program, featuring REMLens, allows attendees to book a virtual staff training session or an in-person training and fitting session on a date and time that is convenient for your practice, according to Tony Caporali, director of product management and lead educator at X-Cel. The program offers four courses and allows staff the flexibility to enjoy learning over breakfast, lunch or dinner. To review course outlines and register visit the X-Cel website.

Optase Dry Eye Kit

Optase, part of the Scope Eyecare family of brands, is introducing a Dry Eye Kit that provides the full heat, cleanse and hydrate regimen. This regimen is designed to improve eye health and alleviate symptoms of dry eye. The Optase Dry Eye Kit is available only to eyecare professionals in two versions: one where the “hydrate” is provided by Optase Dry Eye Intense Drops and in the other version by Optase Dry Eye Spray.

Features: Optase Moist Heat Mask heats in 25 seconds to provide 10 minutes of prescribed Moist Heath Therapy; Optase TTO Eye Lid Gel is a gentle and preservative free tea tree oil based (TTO) eyelid cleanser for daily eyelid hygiene; Optase Protect Eyelid Cleansing Spray helps to improve the appearance of the eyes and eyelids; Optase TTO Lid Wipes is a tea tree oil based and preservative free wipe for daily eyelid hygiene; Optase Dry Eye Intense Drops is a unique preservative-free formula in a multidose dispenser that provides long-lasting relief from dry eye symptoms; Optase Dry Eye Spray is an easy-to-use preservative-free spray to relieve dryness and irritation of the eyes and eyelids; Optase Hylo Night Eye Ointment is a smooth and easy to apply nighttime eye ointment to ease the symptoms of nighttime dry eye.