Features: This latest version of Smart Mirror is the only iPad-based measuring digital device that does not require the use of a cumbersome frame clip to measure PDs and heights quickly and accurately, and all the other measurements necessary to ensure a proper lens fit, according to ACEP.

Smart Mirror is safer than a pupillometer and easier to use than other digital measurement devices. It has been proven by thousands of optical retailers worldwide to minimize rechecks, remakes and return. With Smart Mirror’s augmented reality lens simulator, patients can quickly visualize how they will see through the different types of multifocal lenses, computer lenses, AR, polarized or photochromic. It gives patients an immersive visualization of their lens choice, as opposed to a sales pitch.

Smart Mirror frame selector makes the eyewear selection process exciting, easy and fun, and helps patients including high myopes or those with dilated eyes see themselves for the first time in their eyewear choice.
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Touchless measuring device that allows ECPs to take all required measurements with just a few clicks, while keeping patients at a safe distance. Stylish and technologically advanced, the mirrored device is both a measuring tool and a camera, simplifying the process of taking measurements in under a minute while keeping the patient and optician 6 feet apart.

Features: The patient looks at the mirror as they naturally would, wearing their chosen glasses. The optician clicks once, and the patient’s image is captured. The image appears on the optician’s computer screen, along with an immediate and accurate automatically measured PD. The optician can now get all the other measurements needed from the computer: FH, frame box, DBL, BVD and panoramic. Plus, it now has an option to provide additional measurements for glasses with pantoscopic tilt.

An advantage of Spark Mi Up is its ability to take measurements through sunglasses. The device can clearly see the patient’s pupils, even with the darkest of lenses. Measurements for sunglasses is now just as quick, easy and accurate as for clear lenses.

Height from base: minimum 13 inches/maximum 20.5 inches; base: 10.24 inches x 10.24 inches; total unit weight: 10.14 lbs.

American Academy of Ophthalmology

Publisher: The American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Dictionary of Eye Terminology, Seventh Edition is perfect for new staff learning the lingo or seasoned staff who need a quick reference. This new edition of the “little green book” features current ophthalmic conditions and procedures, plain-language definitions and full-color anatomical illustrations.

Features: This fully revised edition of the “little green book” includes:
• Plain-language definitions and common misspellings.
• Current ophthalmic conditions, tests, procedures and pharmacology.
• Full-color anatomical illustrations.
• New design for quick navigation.
• Spiral binding that lays flat and saves space at your workstation.
• Keep accurate info on hand.

Choose from print or eBook. With the eBook, which includes the full text and images from the print version, you can easily search terms by subspecialty.

Availability: Read Academy eBooks online from nearly any computer, or download eBooks to your mobile device with the free Academy eBooks app. For eBook features, requirements and licensing, visit: Please allow up to 90 minutes for receiving an access key (via email) that will allow you to retrieve your eBook after purchase.