E.A.T. Energy Absorbing Technology Hard Coat
Quantum Innovations

Quantum Innovations’ High-Performance Hard Coat with Energy Absorbing Technology (E.A.T.) offers unmatched blue-light protection, customization options and operational efficiency, according to the company.

Features: Quantum has developed a lab-changing solution, the High-Performance Hard Coat with E.A.T. Energy Absorbing Technology that not only provides crystal-clear vision but also safeguards their eyes from the potential harm of blue light. By simply adding a bottle of this advanced hard coat to a spin coating machine, lens manufacturers can now produce lenses that absorb an impressive 20 percent of high-energy light waves in the 400 to 440 nm range. This transformative technology allows for the conversion of clear lenses into cutting-edge blue-light filters.

E.A.T. Energy Absorbing Technology offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Expanded capabilities: advanced blue light protection, catering to the needs of modern consumers.
  • Inventory optimization: The hard coat transforms any clear lens into a blue filter, reducing the need for excessive inventory.
  • Versatile compatibility: It seamlessly integrates with all lens types, making it effortless to adapt to existing lens production workflows.
  • Customization options: Anti-reflective coatings are available in a range of colors, allowing customers to enjoy lenses that are not only functional but also visually appealing.



Powered by over 10 billion data points on patient visual behavior and over 10 years of proven patient outcomes, Neurolens states that its new N3 is an immersive, engaging virtual reality experience that educates patients while measuring. N3 provides an objective, accurate and repeatable measurement of binocular alignment that incorporates elements of heterophoria, fixation disparity, accommodative convergence response, and central and peripheral alignment.

Features: N3 measures eye misalignment at distance and near using a dissociative test where the eyes are shown independent non-fusible targets, and the direction of gaze is measured. This measurement is combined with an associative test where peripheral fusion is attained, and central alignment is measured. Effectively, this measurement of eye alignment is an objective measurement of the angle of strabismus and/or an evaluation of binocular vision. N3 consists of a stereoscopic display and a sophisticated eye-tracking mechanism for an objective measurement that does not rely on subjective assessments from either the practitioner or the patient.



Visucore 500

Zeiss Vision Care has launched Zeiss Visucore 500, a technology to deliver precise data by combining both objective and subjective refraction in one compact state-of-the-art machine.

Features: The unit’s new standardized guided mode takes users through the refraction process step-by-step, making it easier than ever before to gather patient results. This is a two-in-one unit that saves optometrists both time and space. Zeiss Visucore 500 enables optometrists and staff to quickly obtain accurate refraction values. This quicker process benefits both the practice and time-strapped patients who are seeking efficient eyecare, while allowing the practice to spend more time discussing eye health findings with patients. Taking up less than 8 square feet of space, Zeiss Visucore 500 offers additional exam capacity without having to complete a major renovation. Zeiss Visucore 500 offers accurate refraction results with different user modes while reducing chair time for refraction by 46 percent compared to a conventional Zeiss set-up.


Briot Attitude 3

Visionix’s Briot Attitude 3 is specifically built to increase in-house finishing capability and quality while reducing the rate of remakes.

Features: Briot Attitude 3’s Torque Management System (TMS) intelligently adjusts edging cycles to the thickness of the lens and material. In addition, TruScan technology can trace extreme wrap frames easily and quickly while avoiding deformation. The design is ergonomic, easy to use and fits in compact spaces, while a touch screen allows users to toggle between functionalities. Both parallax-free centering and wavefront technology are combined. Lens design, layout and power map are visible with Shack-Hartman technology, allowing the optical power and prism to be displayed. The high-definition camera lets users see the detailed laser engravings on progressive lenses and shows the actual lens map in the background, allowing the user to see where the power channels will be, enhancing visual comfort and lens performance.


Digital Pupilometer+ with Built-In Breath Shield

Keeping patients and eyecare providers safe is the goal of OptiSource. The company recently launched the Digital Pupilometer+ with a built-in breath shield.

Features: This innovative and practical technology features a patent-pending shield that flips down to create a physical barrier between the patient and ECP, providing protection from airborne germs and other oral health issues such as halitosis, or also known as bad breath.



EyeSize IRL

EyeSize IRL is a new eyewear shopping technology that optimizes frame recommendations and as-worn measurements by capturing customers’ precise facial measurements in the store.

Features: EyeSize IRL provides two distinct user experiences: one for the eyewear shopper and one for the store associates. Eyewear shoppers follow simple instructions at an EyeSize IRL kiosk. The session takes just a few seconds, during which EyeSize scans hundreds of points across the customer’s face to capture key measurements, including nose bridge, face width, temple arm length and pupillary distance.

A store associate can call up the measurements on a separate device and use them to recommend frames that will fit well and be comfortable. Once any shoppers needing progressive lenses decide on a pair of frames, the store associate can use EyeSize IRL for a quick, accurate and consistent segment height measurement before putting in a prescription order. EyeSize IRL is designed as a subscription-based white-labeled application that can interface with existing optical point-of-service and electronic health record (EHR) systems or run standalone for retail outlets of all sizes. EyeSize IRL will run on iPhone 13 and 14, or iPadPro models with Truedepth sensors. Veero will offer monthly subscription licensing for the software alone or the software packaged with managed devices.