Maximus Rx Integrated Shield
Maximus Optic

Following extensive research and development, innovations in manufacturing and lens processing, and comprehensive testing, Maximus Optic is introducing the Maximus Rx Shield, the first prescription integrated shield. The Maximus Rx Shield’s one-piece lens architecture features the Maximus Lens, which uses patented Pano Rx technologies to create “an unmatched vertical and peripheral panoramic visual experience,” according to Maximus Optic. The initial industry-focused global launch will include sport, fashion, safety/ASTM and military/tactical markets, with medical and emerging AR/VR markets to follow.

Features: Available in single vision and progressive designs, the Maximus performance lens design and extensive special formulations optimize clarity of vision and offer superior light management and minimized weight for ultimate comfort. The lens provides superior protection and visual performance in varying light and extreme weather conditions.

The Maximus Rx Shield is processed with customized free-form technologies that utilize rotational prism to compensate for high curvature wraparound lens designs, optimizing the visual experience for the wearer. Currently, Maximus Optic can process 85 percent of the universe of prescriptions, with continual improvements to follow.

Maximus Rx Shields and dual lenses are injected utilizing a proprietary polycarbonate formula that exceeds all ANSI and EN specifications, including high mass impact for safety/ASTM and MilSpec military/tactical applications. The Shields are produced at the Maximus X Lab, located within the new state-of-the-art Foresight Precision manufacturing facility in Tainan, Taiwan. X Lab is outfitted with the industry’s most advanced manufacturing technologies, R&D Lab, lens design capabilities and a fully customized Rx processing center. All lens development, manufacturing, coating applications and testing are accomplished within this one facility: initial CAD design, mold development, injection, coatings, tinting, Rx lens processing, lens cutting, final testing, QC and packaging. All global prescription lens shipments will be sent directly from X Lab.

Maximus Optic lenses are covered under four global patents. Additional patents, both U.S. and international, are currently pending. The Maximus Optic website is currently under development and will go live this month. The Maximus lens is now available for order.

Availability: Maximus Rx Lens designs include 6 base, 7 base and 9 base spherical, with additional base curves currently under development. All lenses are customizable and can be cut to any specific frame and lens shape or profile. Additional customized tints, front mirror coatings, AR, anti-fog and olio/hydro are available.

Maximus prescription lenses will ship within 14 days of order placement. Orders are placed directly through a customized Maximus digital order form that Maximus Optic will provide and can be seamlessly integrated into any current website. ECPs, optical retailers and labs can order Maximus prescription lenses directly from X Lab.

For more information, contact Patrick Hussey, [email protected].

MySV Single Vision Lenses with 360° Visual Comfort
Hoya Vision Care

MySV single vision lenses with 360⁰ Visual Comfort are the latest addition to Hoya Vision Care’s free-form single vision lens portfolio.

Features: Conventional single vision lenses correct vision effectively in the center of the lenses. However, these one-size-fits-all lenses do not meet patients’ increasing needs for comprehensive quality peripheral vision. “For too long, single vision wearers have been underserved. The technology available to differentiate their experience is here, and we are proud to bring it to market,” says Warren Modlin, vice president of technical marketing at Hoya Vision Care. “MySV lenses allow wearers to achieve 360° visual comfort by integrating four key elements into the design, and ultimately the patient experience, to bring confidence to the wearer in all situations.”

Eyecare professionals will also be given access to a one-credit ABO course through 20/20 magazine at In addition, white papers detailing the implementation of Hoya’s proprietary technology and quality processes will be made available by speaking to a local Hoya territory sales manager.

The four elements used to achieve MySV are:

  • BKS Precision Technology: a modern optimization process to refine points across the entire back surface of the lens.
  • Oblique angle compensation: Looking through a traditional single vision lens at an oblique angle produces aberrations. MySV lenses eliminate these aberrations, creating distortion-free visual clarity.
  • The patient’s position of wear: provides high satisfaction based on the individual’s wearing conditions.
  • The patient’s frame choice: The base curve matches the frame size for the best experience in any frame.

Shamir Autograph III and InTouch Updates

Updated versions of Shamir Autograph III and InTouch progressive lens designs

Features: Shamir’s Autograph III progressive lens design is fit for wearers in today’s tech driven society and working environments. The Autograph III update delivers sharp, clear vision, with seamless gradation across all vision zones that allows optimal accommodations in any individual prescription. Autograph III delivers wide distortion-free viewing fields, completely standardized for both hyperopic (farsighted) and myopic (nearsighted) eyeglass wearers. It implements precise power profile control, with specific power emphasis at different points and vision zones across the entire lens surface and enables optimal adaptation to prescriptions and choices of frame.

Additionally, Shamir has improved its InTouch progressive to maximize the wearer’s digital experience by utilizing new technologies that ensure more comfortable viewing of digital devices. Shamir InTouch has looked at recent trends in digital design usage and has updated InTouch with a total vision experience by providing sharper vision for the digital zone and by maximizing individual postural comfort, perfectly matched for digital devices. It additionally features specific, enhanced support for near, 15 to 27 inch digital device usage zones, facilitating both traditional book and computer display reading, and digital lifestyle-driven smartphone and tablet usage. The lens’ extra soft design ensures easy transition among all viewing zones. In fact, patients will notice a quicker transition of add power in the intermediate zone (up to 25 percent quicker than standard progressives), Shamir says.

Autograph III product update:

  • Near vision enhancement, with instant focus across all zones.
  • Seamless transition among vision zones.
  • Optimal visual experience with any frame of choice.
  • Maximum postural comfort via significant reduction in undesirable head movements.
  • Enhanced digital (handheld device and computer) viewing zone support.

InTouch product update:

  • Add power appears 25 percent quicker, providing more comfortable vision in the 15 to 27 inch reading zone.
  • 22 percent broader reading area.
  • 21 percent wider intermediate area.
  • Progressive solution for regular usage of digital devices.
  • High visual clarity in all vision zones.
  • Seamless transition among vision zones.
  • Maximum postural comfort via significant reduction in undesirable head movements.
  • Increased visual acuity for smartphones and tablet screens.

Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

The lenses are designed to help meet the needs of presbyopes who have digitally intense lifestyle.

Features: Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day lenses feature two new technologies, TearStable Technology and OptiBlue light filter. TearStable Technology is designed to maximize tear-film stability and lock in moisture for exceptional all-day comfort. The OptiBlue light filter has the highest level blue-violet filter in the industry at 60 percent, to reduce light scatter for exceptional visual clarity, day to night. In addition, Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day lenses block 99.9 percent UVA rays and 100 percent UVB rays.

“Life has changed, post-pandemic. With more time spent on digital devices, we designed these contact lenses by listening to patients and eyecare professionals’ feedback to address lifestyle requirements and help prevent dry and tired eyes from becoming normalized,” explains John Buch, OD, senior principal research optometrist, Johnson & Johnson Vision. “Our new Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day contact lenses help reduce discomfort by providing visual clarity with new technologies to filter blue-violet light, which comes from many sources, including digital screens and travels in short wavelengths and scatters more which can lead to eye discomfort and quality of vision.”

Earlier this year, Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day and Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day Multifocal received U.S. Food & Drug Administration clearance, Health Canada approval and completed CE Mark activities for its latest contact lens innovation.

Availability: The lenses are available now in spherical and multifocal.