Modulo Center One

All-in-one surfacing center.

Features: Schneider is introducing Modulo Center One, a compact all-in-one surfacing center capable of processing 80 lenses per hour in just 72 square feet (7 square meters). The second in a series of 11 new launches from Schneider, Modulo Center One is a full-fledged production that incorporates a milling station, lathe turning station, one or two 4-spindle polishing units and a CO2 or excimer laser. It features Schneider’s new Modulo ONE polishing technology.

Modulo Center One substantially saves time, running all processes simultaneously and perfectly synchronized, even milling and lathe turning. With the chambers placed right next to one another, the smart automation transfers the lenses in virtually no time. The dedicated Control Center (MES) informs at a glance about the current status of the machine, production parameters and efficiency. Labs can now run larger scale productions even in small locations and under non-industrial conditions. Little to no operator intervention is needed as the center works fully automated with all essential components on board, according to Schneider, which describes the Modulo Center One’s operation as “Blank in, surfaced lens out.”
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MauiPassport Boost
Maui Jim

A lens designed to reduce the fatigue people may experience when constantly focusing and refocusing while shifting between various near objects.

Features: The introduction of MauiPassport Boost marks the start of a new lens design category that combines the benefits of an anti-fatigue lens in the near field with the experience of wearing a single vision lens at distance. The lens is designed to help “break through the visual chaos of busy lifestyles and is an excellent solution for eye strain caused by being on digital devices all day,” according to Maui Jim.

Availability: There are two design range options for the MauiPassport Boost. The +0.50D Boost Zone is recommended for single vision wearers experiencing mild to moderate eye fatigue symptoms. The +0.90D Boost Zone is recommended for single vision wearers experiencing moderate to severe eye fatigue symptoms.

MauiPassport Boost will be available in all clear material options, including Maui Blue Light Protect and Maui High Contrast. Particularly for patients with digital eye strain, the combination of Maui Blue Light Protect with MauiPassport Boost is an ideal solution to help improve symptoms.

Cooling Coils with Quick Disconnects

Cooling Coils with Quick Disconnects are ideal for use in slurry and filtration systems for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Features: The coils are made of durable, rust resistant stainless steel and come with two connectors and four clamps. The coils connect the chiller hose to the coil for a no leak seal. When ready to remove the coils, simply press and turn the connectors to disconnect. The coil can be removed from the tank without losing any chilling coolant. When done cleaning, simply reconnect the coils and return them to the tank to resume chilling.

Vital Stats: The coils come in two sizes to fit all slurry and filtration systems.
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Agility Autodeblocker and Integrity Alloy Recovery System
Coburn Technologies

Waterless lens deblocking system and a first-of-its-kind alloy recovery system. The fully automated post polishing system, which consists of the Agility Autodeblocker and Integrity Alloy Recovery System, features novel technology for clean, safe and eco-friendly lens processing.

Features: The Agility Autodeblocker is an automatic waterless lens deblocker. The Agility separates lenses from blocks using mechanical power rather than water jets or human energy. In one swift mechanical motion, the Agility divides two lenses from their blocks simultaneously. The separated lenses and blocks are then passed on to the Integrity by conveyor.

The Integrity System “rethinks” alloy recovery. Traditional reclaim systems completely melt alloy pucks in a hot water tank to remove them from blocks. The Integrity system uses induction heating technology to melt a very thin layer of alloy where it engages the block, allowing the alloy puck to separate cleanly and completely intact. The collected alloy pucks can be placed directly into the reservoir of a lens blocker without having to remelt them beforehand. The blocks are collected or neatly stacked for reuse. As a completely waterless system, Integrity significantly improves lab cleanliness and safety.

Zeiss BlueGuard

A clear eyeglass lens that blocks up to 40 percent of potentially harmful blue light while also providing sunglass-level UV protection.

Features: While most of the industry relies on blue light anti-reflective coatings, Zeiss lens developers incorporated the new blue light blocking properties directly into the lens material. As a result, Zeiss BlueGuard lenses have up to 50 percent less reflections of digital blue light compared to coating products, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the lenses while addressing a major source of digital eye strain.

Availability: Zeiss BlueGuard lenses are available on single vision and Zeiss designs in 1.50, polycarbonate, 1.60, 1.67, 1.74 materials as well as in Trivex.

Visgard UV
FSI Coating Technologies

UV-Cure anti-fog coating, Visgard UV transforms the durability and appearance of ophthalmic and safety eyewear lenses and can be applied using FSICT’s CrystalSpin UV AF Anti-Fog Coating Machine.

Features: Visgard UV provides superior consistent long-term adhesion under extreme temperature and high humidity conditions; it prevents fogging even after repeated cleaning. Optically clear, Visgard UV high quality anti-fog coating streamlines manufacturing, enhancing yields and decreasing operating costs. This transparent coating offers excellent permanent anti-fog performance, smooth and easy clean surface combined with abrasion, chemical and UV resistance.

Vital Stats: Visgard UV is uniquely formulated to meet the demanding standards of the eyewear industry. Employing FSICT’s patented technology, this game changing coating provides an exceptional water washable anti-fog surface. Unlike competitive products, Visgard UV anti-fog coating can pass the rigorous abrasion and anti-fog environmental tests of today’s manufacturers and is suitable for spin coat and other application methods. Visgard UV delivers exceptional primer-free adhesion to polycarbonate substrates and can be used with primer to achieve adhesion to PPG’s CR-39 and Trivex substrates and Mitsui’s MR-7, MR-8, MR-10 substrates.

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