HCoating AF
Arotek International

UV-curable spin coating that gives permanent anti-fog performance. AF coating can be applied by existing coating machines in optical labs and cured under UV in 30 seconds.

Features: Once AF coating is cured, the anti-fog property starts working, no need for a special cloth to reactivate the property. “AF coating keeps HCoating family’s excellent adhesion to all lens materials, including high index 1.67 lens without primer. AF coating is tintable and tints to a true color in just eight minutes,” notes Dr. Harry Hong, developer of the coating and president of the company. “AR coating should not be applied over AF coating to block its anti-fog performance.”


Comfort Sense Perception (CSP)
Bolle Safety

High clarity lens that utilizes a new technology, Comfort Sense Perception (CSP), to protect workers in all conditions by enhancing sight, improving visual comfort and optimizing contrast. The lens is pictured here in Bolle’s Mercurio safety eyewear.

Features: This updated range offers enhanced sight, visual comfort and definition. The technology shields eyes while boosting eyesight in all light-sensitive scenarios, including UV, glares, LED, welding gas and low contrast.

Availability: Seventeen different lens tints which are adaptive to indoor, indoor/outdoor and outdoor work environments. A wide variety of SKUs is offered. From HD to polarized—through shades of amber, copper and welding—CSP lenses also benefit from various coatings such as platinum, anti-reflective, and hydrophilic to ensure the wearer can maximize the full potential of the Bolle Safety technology.


Euclid Vision

Interactive, web-based customer portal designed to drive practice efficiency and optimize Euclid Ortho-K fits.

Features: Euclid Ortho-K lenses have a proven track record of success in millions of patients around the world, and now the MyEuclid customer portal makes it easier than ever to implement orthokeratology and myopia management into practice. The platform’s data-driven algorithms are derived from 25 years of worldwide experience with Euclid’s advanced Ortho-K lens design. MyEuclid utilizes this extensive dataset to facilitate system-generated recommendations to obtain the proper fit. In addition to providing an easy-to-use interface for Euclid’s simple three-factor fitting, MyEuclid offers automated recommendations for optic zone optimization.

The intuitive MyEuclid portal includes order verification with Euclid’s expert Ortho-K consultants on all orders; easy topography uploads to help streamline the custom lens design process; and a real-time order tracking system. MyEuclid is a user-friendly platform that was designed for every fitter from novice to expert.

Availability: The MyEuclid portal was released on a limited basis earlier this year, and the platform is now available to Euclid’s U.S. customer base.


Atlas Global and Atlas Duo

Novel approach to ophthalmic lens inspection that delivers quality control efficiency, accuracy and traceability for optical labs, while also providing valuable data to assist lab management. The Atlas platform rapidly and accurately inspects every job against critical prescriptive measurements as supplied by the LMS. These results are then checked to ensure they comply with local or personalized standards and tolerances, while also checking for surface defects and mapping the power across the entire lens.

Features: Atlas Global checks un-cut semi-finished and finished lenses up to 80 mm diameter at any point in the production process, saving time and money by identifying defects before further processing. Atlas Duo is the only system available that provides simultaneous dual inspection of a fully glazed pair of spectacles. Both are the only lens inspection systems that map the entire surface of the lens, edge to edge and used together, they provide a full end to end quality assurance tool.

Behind each Atlas machine is a customer-specific cloud portal, to which the results of every inspection are uploaded for full quality assurance analysis. Lenses are compared with the data held in the lens management system file and based on the tolerances set, the system will provide a clear “go” or “no go” for every job, along with the rationale behind every decision. While not part of the pass/fail decision, UV and blue light attenuation can also be available.

Simple to operate, Atlas is fully scalable from single machines to banks of multiple machines. A bank of three or four Atlas machines, operated by just one person, will provide enough capacity to check in excess of 1,250 jobs a day.

Data from the cloud-portal is available from any internet connected device, and the system is also scalable to suit any business, from a single lab to a multi-national business with sites across the world. The sophisticated analytics enable review of the overall production and quality management process at any time, and labs can also evidence high quality standards in their production by sharing measurement results with customers. Atlas Global and Atlas Duo comply with ISO Standards and its regional variations, and are already being successfully used in a range of labs, from small independents to large high volume national production facilities.


Unity Via II
VSP Optics

Suite of everyday progressives enhanced for today’s demanding visual needs, with larger reading and intermediate fields for added visual comfort when working on digital devices.

“We’ve made a commitment to continually innovate our lens designs to meet the ever-evolving visual needs of progressive wearers, while making it easier for eyecare professionals to fit their patients,” says Randy Dannewitz, senior vice president of strategic development for VSP Optics. “Incorporating several new technologies, Unity Via II Progressive Lenses are the latest example of our work to offer advanced high-performing products that provide patients with the best vision experience possible.”

Features: The wider, sharper fields enhance acuity and comfort, enabling patients to easily adapt to the lenses and see their best at all distances.

Availability: The enhanced portfolio is referenced as follows: Unity Via Elite II, Unity Via Plus II, Unity Via Wrap II, Unity Via Mobile II and Unity Via II. Unity Via II Progressive lenses are available to order now from VSPOne Technology Centers and authorized distributor laboratories.


Vitreous Floater Demonstrator
Western Optical Supply

The Vitreous Floater Demonstrator shortens the amount of time that ECPs must spend on explaining vitreous floaters to patients. The VFD model of the eye demonstrates how floaters suspend and drift. This visual aid minimizes patient confusion and cumulatively saves hours of exam time. Patients will easily see and quickly comprehend the how and why about “spots and floaters,” without having to give repetitive and possibly alarming explanations.

Features: The Vitreous Floater Demonstrator features mesh particles in a clear dense vitreous fluid. It measures 3.5 inches W x 3.75” H x 4.75” D. The housing is made of clear, durable molded plastic with an attractive eye applique.