Direct Selective Laser Trabeculosplasty (DSLT)
Belkin Vision

Belkin Vision, a clinical-stage medical device company developing an automated and fast glaucoma laser treatment, is introducing a drop-less first line treatment that allows ophthalmologists and other eyecare providers to treat many more patients.

Features: Belkin Vision’s technology, Direct Selective Laser Trabeculosplasty (DSLT), is focused on transforming conventional glaucoma management from a specialized procedure into one that is effective, safe and reliable. The company’s proprietary laser technology poses an alternative to eye drops or will be used in conjunction with them. This holistic approach combining both laser and drugs will ensure controlled IOP, non-dependent on patient compliance with minimum fluctuations, according to Belkin Vision. Direct Selective Laser Trabeculosplasty (DSLT):

  • Automated: high-resolution image acquisition algorithm, eye tracker.
  • Intuitive: touch screen, activated by a single press of a button.
  • Extremely quick: treatment in seconds.
  • Patient friendly: Non-invasive, non-contact, instantaneous and painless.
  • Belkin’s method requires no delivery device as it directs the laser beams deep into the trabecular meshwork through the sclera and around the limbus, with all the laser shots applied in seconds.

Unique patient benefits:

  • Unique patient benefits:
  • Overcomes compliance problems.
  • Can be used as a primary treatment.
  • No damage to cornea, eye surface or angle structure.
  • No need for gel causing blurred vision.
  • Fully compatible with future glaucoma surgeries.

Smart System VR Headset
M&S Technologies

M&S Technologies, a vision testing equipment developer and manufacturer, is introducing its new virtual reality vision testing system, The Smart System VR Headset.

Features: This new dimension in vision testing will give eyecare professionals greater accuracy and efficiency while offering patients a better examination experience, the company says. “For over 30 years, M&S has focused on providing the highest quality software and advanced computerized testing systems to enable eyecare professionals to better care for their patients. Our new Smart System VR Headset, with visual field testing times under three minutes per eye, further demonstrates this commitment to perfecting vision testing technology while bringing increased efficiency and flexibility to our customer’s practice,” says Joe Marino, global head of M&S Technologies.

The Smart System VR headset is portable, allows for testing in a fully illuminated room and requires no internet connection to operate. The headset, with built-in eye tracking for fixation monitoring, provides accurate 10-2, 24-2 and 30-2 visual field and contour stereo testing. The M&S VR Headset is adaptable to add many of the time-tested Smart System vision testing modules.
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Transitions Gen 8 on FSV Lenses with Glacier Plus AR

Shamir is releasing Glacier Plus AR coating on finished single vision lenses, now available in Transitions Generation 8.

Features: Shamir Glacier Plus is an anti-reflective coating that utilizes advanced technologies to provide a cutting-edge, glare-reducing solution for patients. It resists scratches, repels water, dust and smudges, and is easier to clean than ever before, according to Shamir.

With the ability to order stocked finished single vision lenses with Glacier Plus AR coating, eyecare practitioners will be able to experience premium quality Shamir branded lenses “off-the-shelf” and deliver faster turn times for patients.

Availability: Eyecare professionals can order the lenses directly through Shamir and VisionWeb. The current available materials for finished single vision lenses are 1.50 Clear, 1.53 Clear, 1.53 Blue Zero, 1.59 Poly Clear, 1.59 Blue Zero, 1.67 aspheric clear, and Transitions Gen 8 gray and brown. Glacier Plus finished single vision lenses are available to order now.

EnChroma Safety Glasses for Color Blindness

EnChroma, creators of glasses for color blindness, is releasing the first safety glasses for the estimated 350 million people in the world who are color blind.

Features: The new line of EnChroma Safety Glasses is designed to help people with red-green color blindness overcome daily frustrations and obstacles in the workplace related to correctly identifying and interpreting colors. “Those with color vision deficiencies can struggle to comprehend colorful information at work which can lead to frustration, lost productivity and potential safety issues,” says Erik Ritchie, CEO of EnChroma.

“EnChroma safety glasses enable the color blind to better see brightly colored warning signs and labels while reducing the everyday difficulties they experience in fields ranging from landscaping and construction to biosciences and advanced manufacturing.”

All EnChroma safety frames and lenses meet ANSI Z87.1 recommended impact standards to help reduce the risk of impact-related injury and protect from UV radiation, dust, dirt and splashes. The glasses address most types of red-green color blindness.

Availability: Orders can be placed through or through select EnChroma Authorized Retailers worldwide. Nonprescription safety glasses range in price from $309 to $349 with prescription glasses costing slightly more.

EnChroma’s patented lens technology is engineered with special optical filters to help people with color blindness see an expanded range of colors more vibrantly, clearly and distinctly. A recent study by scientists at the University of California, Davis and France’s INSERM Stem Cell and Brain Research Institute, demonstrated the effectiveness of EnChroma glasses.

Transitions XTRActive New Generation Lenses
Younger Optics

David Rips, president and CEO of Younger Optics, has announced the availability of Transitions XTRActive New Generation lenses in five materials. The lenses offer faster activation and faster fadeback.

Features: Transitions XTRActive lenses are already preferred by many for their excellent performance in warm weather, and for their neutral gray and brown colors. Transitions XTRActive New Generation lenses build on that popularity by increasing the agility of the photochromic performance. With this product expansion, eyecare professionals may significantly heighten the satisfaction of patients who wear photochromic lenses.

Transitions XTRActive New Generation lenses start clear indoors, darken moderately in the car and achieve extra darkness outdoors in the sun. The New Generation of XTRActive photochromic dyes are formulated to achieve an ultra-dark activation state even faster than before. XTRActive New Generation lenses are always active, meaning they provide a hint of protective tint in bright indoor locations and are helpful in reducing blue light exposure to the eyes from electronic devices as well as the sun. XTRActive New Generation lenses may be worn for the entire day: daytime, nighttime, indoors, outdoors and while driving.

For light-sensitive patients, Transitions XTRActive New Generation lenses are a convenient everyday lens for protection from bright light, and now the activation and fadeback responds more quickly when the patient moves between indoor and outdoor spaces.

With the ability to order stock finished single vision lenses with Glacier Plus AR coating, ECPs will be able to experience premium quality Shamir branded lenses “off-the-shelf” and deliver faster turn times for patients.

Availability: Transitions XTRActive New Generation lenses from Younger Optics are available immediately in gray and brown in hard resin, polycarbonate, high index 1.67, high index 1.74 and Trilogy materials, through wholesale optical laboratories in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.