Kodak Total Blue Finished Single Vision Lenses
Signet Armorlite

Signet Armorlite introduces Kodak Total Blue finished single vision lenses in 1.60 and aspheric 1.67.

Features: Kodak Total Blue is a hybrid of lens material and AR lens coating that filters harmful blue light and provides 100 percent UV Protection. The lenses:
  • Filter up to 80 percent of High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light (HEV blue light designation as 380 to 440nm).
  • Block 100 percent of direct UV Rays.
  • Ease eyestrain and eye fatigue.
  • Reduce glare and reflections caused by digital devices, LED lighting and headlights, and energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).
  • Resist scratches and are easy to clean.
Kodak Total Blue
1.60 FSV
65 mm
70/75 mm
70/75 mm
+2.25 to +6.00 Sph
+2.00 to -4.00 / Cyl: 0 to -2.00
-4.25 to -8.00 Sph*
Kodak Total Blue
1.67 Aspheric FSV
65/70 mm
75/80 mm
80 mm
70/75 mm
+2.25 to +6.00 Sph
+2.25 to -1.75 Sph
-2.00 to -6.00 / Cyl: 0 to -2.00
-6.25 to -10.00 Sph*
*Limited to combined maximum minus power

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Polinelli Reading Glasses with Blue Light Blocking Lenses
Eschenbach Optik of America

Polinelli premium reading glasses feature BluePro Technology, a patented lens coating that blocks approximately 30 percent of potentially harmful blue light to help provide a better viewing experience and reduces symptoms of digital eye strain.

Features: The readers also block harmful UVA/UVB rays which helps eliminate glare for enhanced visual clarity. With three layers of anti-reflective coating, the Polinelli readers offer increased contrast and heightened visual sharpness especially when viewing digital devices. The thin polycarbonate lens makes them extremely lightweight and all six frame styles feature spring-hinge temples and are finished with a rubberized texture that provides a soft feel.

Availability: Each reader is available in a range of powers from +1.00D up to +2.50D in 0.50 increments, with two featured reader styles in powers up to +4.00D for patients with higher magnification needs. Each pair of Polinelli readers comes with a color-coordinated silicone neck cord and soft protective case.

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SVOne Autorefractor
Smart Vision Labs

The SVOne Autorefractor is the newest device in the SVOne series of digital diagnostic tools. It incorporates advances in technology and the algorithms which produce accurate and instantaneous results for doctors.

Features: The SVOne Autorefractor has a 40 percent improvement in the precision of the refraction, is twice as fast returning results when compared to the previous version and requires minimal training, according to Smart Vision Labs. Additionally, the SVOne includes new hardware which eliminates most alignment issues and has a new stand which eliminates most alignment issues. The device can also be attached to a standard tripod for easier portability.

Availability: The device is ready to ship and can be purchased or leased directly from Smart Vision Labs. Smart Vision Labs will be showcasing the SVOne series of autorefractors at International Vision Expo West. To schedule a demo, place an order or to get more information about the SVOne series of autorefractors contact sales@smartvisionlabs.com or call (212) 796-6124.


Kodak Total Blue Finished Single Vision Lenses

Jins, the Japanese eyewear brand and optical retailer, is launching Frontswitch, an eyeglass package that includes a frame, prescription lenses and magnetic clip-on shades.

Features: The clip-ons come in four different shapes and four different colors: pink, silver, blue and green mirror. Jins sells Frontswitch exclusively at its own stores. With a retail price of $150, the company is positioning the combination eyeglass-sunglass as an affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses.

“Jins is excited about the launch of Frontswitch as it encourages customers to wear multiple pairs for multiple occasions,” the company says. “They can wear different colored shades depending on the day or their personal style and can also switch between the sunglasses plates quickly and with ease. Frontswitch is perfect for those who wear glasses regularly but still need sunglasses occasionally, for instance when they commute or drive. Now they don’t need to squint their eyes while driving as they can put on the shades so easily.” Jins operates 434 retail locations globally, including four U.S. stores in California.

(844) 391-2400

FC160 Portable Fundus Camera
Eyefficient and MediWorks

Eyefficient is partnering with MediWorks to introduce their new handheld fundus camera, the FC160, in the U.S. The FC160 joins Eyefficient’s other MediWorks equipment including Digital Slit Lamp Imaging and LED Vision Chart Systems.

The FC 160 is a sleek, portable non-mydriatic camera with built-in Wi-Fi, Micro SD and Miracast connectivity. It allows quick, easy dissemination of retinal images through the Web from remote locations. Features such as a 3.97-inch touch screen and five internal fixation targets allow doctors to capture retinal images with ease.

The camera features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and weighs only 420 grams.

(800) 417-8136

Model 95 Lens Tinter
Phantom Research

State-of-the-art, microcomputer-controlled automatic lens tinting machine.

Features: The Model 95 features dual digital time displays to show the tinting cycle set time and also the remaining cycle time. Developed for both solid and gradient tinting, the Model 95 offers line-free performance. The free-standing machine takes only seconds to set up, is easy to use and features virtually silent operation. The versatile arm can rotate 360 degrees and can accommodate up to four pairs of lenses at one time. Other features include continuous agitation of the dye solution, a 30-second to 60-minute timer with dual digital time displays and an electronic beeper to indicate cycle completion. Package includes the automatic lens tinting machine, one lens holder (Model V1-RS) and a UL listed power adapter.

(800) 225-5559