Hoya Sun Lens Portfolio
Hoya Vision Care

Bundled sun lenses portfolio for eyecare practitioners.

Features: Practitioners can order from Hoya’s light-adaptive photochromic lenses, polarized lenses, various fashionable tints and mirror coatings, lens designs, materials and anti-reflective coatings. Practitioners can access educational information about UV protection from the Hoya Learning Center, read more about Hoya’s sun solutions or speak to a Hoya territory sales manager.

Availability: The comprehensive sun portfolio includes:

  • Sensity Family—newly updated with Sensity 2 light-adaptive lenses offering nearly twice the fade back speed as original Sensity lenses, along with Sensity Fast, Sensity Dark and Sensity Shine.
  • Coppertone Polarized Lenses—recognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin, they offer 1.6 times higher HEV light protection than standard polarized lenses.
  • Hoya Polarized Lenses—more vision comfort with less light glare and enhanced contrast.
  • Hoya Diamond Tint—superior quality and function meet fashion and color.
  • Hoya Mirror Coatings—available in 13 colors offering optimal sun protection that reflects UV light away from the lens surface.


Fast Pattern Suprathreshold Visual Field & Farnsworth D-15 Extended Color Vision Exam

Heru has added two new testing modalities to its award-winning diagnostic platform: Fast Pattern Suprathreshold Visual Field and the Farnsworth D-15 extended color vision exam. Heru has created an award-winning and market-leading diagnostic platform that is the first of its kind. Its solution enables physicians to perform six diagnostic exams, with five revenue generating CPT codes in one single space-saving wearable platform. This multi-modal cloud-based platform replaces several legacy diagnostic devices, improves access to vision care and enables physicians to treat more patients while providing additional avenues for reimbursement, enhancing customer value.

Features: Heru’s new Fast Pattern performs a visual field screening in 20 seconds without refractive correction, and the clinical results are available in real-time. This is a major advancement that will empower physicians to screen every patient and detect progressive eye conditions such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts sooner. Earlier intervention may lead to improved patient outcomes.

The new digital Farnsworth D-15 extended color vision exam (pictured here) eliminates standardized plates or discs, providing physicians with a fast, efficient solution for detecting and classifying color vision deficiencies. The exam is billable to insurance and supported by many ICD-10 codes, providing a revenue-generating opportunity. The digital D-15 exam joins the Ishihara color vision test currently available on the platform.


Shootout Temple Marking Plier (#2042TM)
Western Optical Supply

Know in a glance if the eyewear you are servicing was actually purchased at your dispensary. Western Optical Supply’s clever and elegant Temple Marking Plier is the solution to clearly mark plastic eyewear to identify your company.

Features: The Shootout Temple Marking Plier allows you to easily position an embossed symbol exactly where you want it on the temple. Only a gentle squeeze is needed to make your mark. Choice of symbols include: heart, diamond, star and sunburst.

The patented lever mechanism, in combination with the arrangement of the die and the temple stop, make it possible to emboss any plastic temple.

The Shootout Temple Marking Plier includes the precision hand tool, symbol die and temple stop; 8 5/8 inches long; symbol height approximately 3 mm; U.S. Patent #6,006,410.


Varilux Liberty 3.0

Varilux Liberty 3.0 is a PAL designed for emerging presbyopes. “The modern presbyope is busy and active and uses multiple devices every day. They are noticing symptoms of presbyopia earlier in life than they used to, and they want and need a visual solution that helps maintain their quality of life,” observes Jeff Harrell, vice president of product marketing at Essilor of America. “It’s no secret to eyecare professionals that these emerging presbyopes need a Varilux progressive lens, but the challenge is to overcome patient objections. That is why we are expanding the Varilux range with Varilux Liberty 3.0— to increase accessibility and support doctors in placing newly presbyopic patients in a complete visual solution.”

Availability: Varilux Liberty 3.0 lenses are available in a targeted ADD power range of +0.75 to +1.50, making them ideal for new presbyopes around the age of 40. They are available in plastic 1.50, Airwear polycarbonate and high index 1.67 lens materials, and are compatible with advanced lens technologies from Essilor such as Transitions photochromic lenses, Crizal No-Glare lenses and Essential Blue Series.

Eyecare professionals interested in learning more can visit essilorpro.com/varilux and are invited to take a free ABO course titled “Welcoming Patients to Presbyopia,” sponsored by Essilor and offered on 20/20’s Pro to Pro website.


OCHO Vision
Modern Optical

Value eyewear and managed care company Modern Optical International has debuted a suite of virtual try-on technology services called OCHO Vision. Modern developed OCHO (Omni-Channel Optical) with a mission to help independent eyecare professionals capture more sales, expand their online offerings and enrich patients’ frame shopping experience.

Features: OCHO Vision offers turnkey app and web-based solutions that re-imagine the eyewear shopping experience, blending the best of brick and click channels. The custom-labeled mobile app and web plug-in features offer high-quality virtual try-on technology to help ECPs expand their online offerings, capture more sales, reduce inventory costs and empower opticians. Pre-loaded with over 600 frame styles, OCHO includes “Favorites” and “Share” functions that further elevate and streamline the frame selection process. Using OCHO’s advanced measurement tool, opticians can effectively aid patients with frame styling preferences to deliver the proper fit. Leveraging facial recognition technology into today’s latest mobile devices, OCHO can offer both true-to-life sizing and instant digital measurements for each style. These measurements include PD, OC height, vertex, wrap and pantoscopic tilt.

Availability: OCHO’s high-quality virtual try-on is available as both a private-label, customizable mobile app and web plug-in for ECPs to engage with their patients in new ways. ECPs interested in learning more about OCHO Vision or scheduling a private demo can visit ochovision.com or email the company at [email protected]

[email protected]

Sios Optical

Sios Optical, a division of Advancing Eyecare, is introducing a new finishing tool, Parallel Pliers. The evolution of technology and design combines with “Easy Move” functionality to create thinner, lighter and better performing optical pliers.


  • Parallel action: Tips do not move upwards, holding the object firmly during processing.
  • Speed and fluidity: “Easy Move” spring is integrated into the joint, allowing the automatic reopening of the plier for greater comfort.
  • Greater accuracy: reduced risk of accidental damage during use and better distribution of force.
  • Maximum comfort: Reach-tested, ergonomic and non-slip soft-grip silicone provides a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Integrated system: Colored handles allow for quick identification and organization of your tools.
  • Complete range: Tilting inserts adapt to the curvature of the lenses (select models only).