OptiPlus Anti-Fog Spray Kit
Hilco Vision

The OptiPlus Anti-Fog Spray Kit from Hilco Vision provides safe, convenient and effective fog protection.

Features: The Kit features a Buff-Off cloth and 2 ounce spray bottle consisting of Hilco’s high-quality anti-fog solution that significantly reduces the fogging of eyewear when applied. Safe for all lens materials and coatings, including AR coated and polarized lenses. One application lasts for days allowing the easy-to-use kit to provide months of fog free viewing, according to Hilco Vision. The OptiPlus Anti-Fog Spray Kit is third-party tested and has been awarded the COLTS Performance Seal.


Ultra Optics

Ultra Optics’ newest product, UV-AF, is a versatile backside spin coating that gives permanent anti-fog performance. It will give any lab the ability to quickly offer their customers a premium anti-fog solution that is easy to implement and convenient and cost effective for the patient.

Features: UV-AF is a permanent anti-fog coating which has been formulated to give excellent fog-fighting properties while not needing any maintenance. There is no need to keep a special cloth or towelette nearby to reactivate the performance. Once the coating is applied, the anti-fog properties are locked in. There is no special cleaning process or product needed to maintain the anti-fog performance of UV-AF.

Labs will appreciate the simple to implement spin coating solution, which is fast and easy to apply, and does not require the long processing times or space requirements of dip coating and/or the long time in expensive AR box coaters.

UV-AF passes industry-standard boiling water adhesion tests on nearly all lens materials including CR-39, polycarbonate, Trivex and high-index with perfect scores, according to Weiler. He adds that Ultra Optics’ research showed existing anti-fog products tended to be relatively soft and more easily scratched. UV-AF was formulated as a solvent-free 100 percent solids spin coating. This will enable customers to produce lenses that have anti-fog properties on the back of the lens, where fogging is most prevalent, combined with a no-glare coating on the front of the lens. It is also possible to put the anti-fog coating on both front and backsides of the lens to get complete fog protection by simply running the lens trough the spin process two times.

UV-AF can work in any of Ultra Optics’ standard coating machines such as the Mini2, MR3, OTB or the fully automated 44R.

(800) 365-9993

Sensity Fast in Brown; Hoyalux iD LifeStyle 3 Polarized
Hoya Vision Care

Hoya is releasing two new product line extensions for eyecare professionals (ECPs) to offer their patients this summer. Sensity Fast light reactive lens technology is now available in brown, joining Hoya’s existing gray lens color. To further expand its sun lens line, Hoya is introducing a polarized version of its most advanced progressive iD LifeStyle 3 lens technology, now available in gray, brown and green.

Features: Sensity Fast rapidly changes from dark to clear, achieving 47 percent faster fadeback than the top selling photochromic lens technology in the market and 77 percent faster fadeback than the original Sensity lens. Both the brown and gray lens color variations are available in 1.50, 1.53 (Phoenix), 1.67 high-index and polycarbonate lens materials.

The new iD Lifestyle 3 Polarized lens features three design variations—Indoor, Urban and Outdoor—each one easily fitted based on patient preferences.

  • Indoor: designed for people who spend a lot of time indoors, looking at digital devices, or reading.
  • Urban: designed for people who are active and always on the go, but also enjoy reading books and using digital devices.
  • Outdoor: designed for people who primarily wear correction for distance but still need clear vision to see their phone and other near objects.

ECPs can order iD LifeStyle 3 Polarized and Sensity Fast Brown lenses from their Hoya laboratory and through major vision plans.


Shootout Lens Marking Plier (#2042LM), Custom Die and Lens Stop
Western Optical Supply

A clever and elegant solution to clearly marking safety lenses with your company’s personalized initials..

Features: The Shootout Lens Marking Plier easily allows you to position the embossing exactly where you want on the lens and only a gentle squeeze is needed to impress your initials. Comfortable to grip even for the smallest hands. The patented lever mechanism in combination with the arrangement of the die and the lens stop makes it possible to emboss lenses up to 14.0 mm thick. The Shootout Lens Marking Plier (U.S. Patent #6,006,410) is 8 5/8 inches long. A precision hand tool and custom die and lens stop are included.

  • #2042LM Shootout Lens Marking Plier $159.00 includes custom die and lens stop
  • #2042LS Shootout Lens Marking Lens Stop $15.00
  • #2042LS Shootout Lens Marking Lens Stop $15.00

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FSV With Shamir’s Glacier Plus AR Coating

Shamir announced that its Glacier Plus AR coating on finished single vision lenses is available for ECPs to order directly through Shamir and VisionWeb.

Features: Shamir Glacier Plus is an anti-reflective coating that utilizes advanced technologies to provide a cutting-edge glare-reducing solution for your patients. It resists scratches, repels water, dust and smudges, and is easier to clean than ever before, according to Shamir.

With the ability to order stock finished single vision lenses with Glacier Plus AR coating, ECPs will be able to experience premium quality Shamir branded lenses “off-the-shelf” and deliver faster turn times for patients.

Availability: Glacier Plus AR-coated finished single vision lenses are available in 1.50 Clear/CR-39, 1.53 Clear, 1.53 Blue Zero, 1.59 Poly Clear,1.59 Blue Zero and 1.67 Aspheric Clear. Glacier Plus finished single vision lenses are available to order now. Visit the Coatings page on www.shamirlens.com to begin the ordering process.


X-Cel Specialty Contacts

Highly adjustable, yet easy-to-fit orthokeratology design for the management of myopia, manufactured exclusively in Boston Equalens II material. REMLens is designed to yield a Rapid Eye Molding effect for patients with low to moderate myopic refractive errors.

Features: REMLens can be prescribed to patients of all ages who are diagnosed with low to moderate myopia (up to –5.00D sphere and up to –1.50D of astigmatism). With an 89 percent first fit success rate, REMLens offers certified eyecare professionals a lens design with a broad range of parameter flexibility, and a significant reduction in chair time when fitting empirically from Ks and Rx. REMLens features four independently adjustable fitting zones, five diameter sizes each with three optic zone options and the revolutionary Dynamic Edge Profile, providing on-eye comfort in an open and closed eye setting.

Certified eyecare professionals utilizing the online REMLens Calculator can reduce chair time on new fits or re-fits and maintain historical patient information through up-loadable corneal topography maps, fluorescein images and video files. The REMLens Calculator minimizes potential financial loss related to excessive chair time when utilizing multiple diagnostic lenses to achieve an acceptable fit. REMLens tools can also be used to support replacement lenses of other leading Ortho-K lenses, simplifying and eliminating concerns about re-fits. Novice to expert orthokeratologists will appreciate the adjustability beyond what other orthokeratology designs offer.

Availability: REMLens may be ordered directly through X-Cel Specialty Contacts or their exclusive distributor ABB Optical Group’s Specialty Vision Products division.

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